Facebook: Only 10 Minutes To ‘unsend’ A Message


Did you send an embarrassing text? Did you make a typo? Wants to delete it before the recipient watches? The Facebook message offers you ‘unsend’ option to the users worldwide.

A couple of months back Facebook announced about unsending a message just like Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging services. It also gained a bit backlash for deleting the messages without the consent.

The limit to unsend the wrong chat thread or photo any information to the wrong person is only 10 minutes to get erased from the digital world. The time limit is quite short, Surprisingly.

The feature was first announced in April and tested later in October. The Facebook Messenger provides another option that will appear for 10 minutes above “Delete Message” whilst editing messages in a conversation ‘unsend’ it. By any chance you miss the time limit you are doomed for a wrong chat.


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