Facebook Rolls In A Transparent Ad Library Tool, Allows Users To View All Active Ads


Facebook launches an Ad Library Tool that includes all kind of active ads from any page. In May 2018, Facebook developed a tool called Ads Archive that used to deal only about ads related to politics or policy issues.

With the expansion of the new tool by the company, now users can view all active ads about inactive politics and issue ads, and anything on the page.

The tool displays:

  • page creation dates;
  • merger with the other page;
  • manages page and can change the page name;
  • the option to report an ad for violating policies.

All the options will be observed on a new Page Transparency tab. Earlier, one has to tap on Info and Ads to find the details.

With the help of keyword and any Page name, Facebook helps users to search political and issue ads. By the mid-May, Facebook will offer daily downloadable Ad Library reports- monthly and quarterly at ones instead of weekly ones just like it doing now.

The enhanced searchable tool allows researchers, journalists, investigators and more, to carefully monitor ads that are not misused to disclose certain official details, subdue votes and other violating factors.

Interesting piece about the new tool is that Ad Library and reports can be accessed even if you are not signed up or not having a Facebook Account. But this move by the team has been chased with the critical comments and being asked to give access to the people who are signed in.


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