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Top Evergreen Ads of Indian Brands

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Indian brands have defined advertisement and marketing with some of the viral jingles in the late 90s and early 2000s. As the economy of India became liberalized, brands were trying to establish themselves in the competitive market through creative marketing and advertisement to win over the consumers. Top agencies and copywriters had to brainstorm and create evergreen ads for Indian brands who wanted their products to be consumed by customers with purchasing powers.

The evergreen ads of Indian brands produced by advertisement and marketing agencies were a rare creative gem. The conceptualization, messaging, logo, and even the music present in those ads established a strong brand identity that would last forever. 

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Till today, young advertisers and copywriters share and recollect these evergreen ads of famous Indian brands. 

Let us look at some of them

  1. Thanda Matlab Coca Cola- Coca Cola

With more soft drink brands being launched in the market, Coca Cola had to target the Indian audience to consume the product. 

Pepsi was leveraging celebrity audiences and even cricketers; thereby creating a niche amongst cricket-loving audiences. 

Coke positioned itself as an ideal cold beverage that goes with every meal and freshens up the mood during the summers. 

It endorsed Aamir Khan to be its brand ambassador. Through the famous jingle, Thanda Matlab Coca Cola, and portraying characters of common Indians; Coke found its audience in the country to consume the product. 

  1. Break Banta Hai- KitKat

This evergreen ad of Nestle’s product KitKat positioned the brand as an attractive snacking option for the youth of India. The youngsters want a break from studies and work; and while taking a break, they need to snack. Therefore, KitKat becomes a quick and tasty chocolate snack they can munch on. 

Today, the idea of taking a break for peace of mind and rejuvenation holds even more importance, hence; KitKat has retained this ad jingle for all its marketing campaigns.

  1. LIC- Zindagi Ke Saath Bhi Zindagi Ke Baad Bhi

In the early 2000s, very few insurance companies were making ads. LIC was the first one to make a move in the insurance sector. 

People did not have awareness about life insurance schemes and their benefits in those days. To attract new customers. LIC created the ad jingle- Zindagi Ke Saath Bhi, Zindagi Ke Baad Bhi. 

This evergreen ad by an Indian insurance brand gave a clear message of financial security at old age and for their loved ones is immensely important as life is uncertain. Through LICs affordable premiums, the financial future of a family is secured in the absence of the earning member. 

  1. Amul- The Taste Of India

Amul is India’s largest dairy and milk cooperative. From chocolates to ghee; Amul has a variety of products that caters to the necessity as well as the luxury requirements of India. 

The ‘Taste of India’ advertisement has established strong brand identity of Amul in every household of India. 

From people staying in villages to those residing in the high-rises of Mumbai city, the taste of Amul’s quality products is present in every kitchen and fridge of Indian households. 

Till today, the ads of Amul products use this slogan for brand promotion.

  1. Incredible India- Indian Tourism Board

The Ministry of Tourism to showcase the beauty and cultural diversity present in India to attract foreign travellers launched the Incredible India advertisements.

The advertisement beautifully positioned the idea of ‘Atithi devo bhava’ and the culture of hospitality present in India. 

The series of advertisements was curated with the aim to boost the tourism sector of the country. 

Even today, influencers and travel bloggers in India leverage the Incredible India campaign to foster the tourism economy locally and globally.

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