Everyone loves to have a collection of their favorite things. Be it maintaining a photo album , a letter album ,art and craft material, poetry clippings and so on. Now a days, this e-collection is possible using Pinterest.

Pinterest is a web and mobile application company. It was invented by Paul Sicarra, Ever Sharp and Ben Silnermann and is now maintained by small group of entrepreneurs and investors. The main objective of the company is to allow its users to browse and collect the inspiring things they find on web. This website is popular among women and the mostly viewed categories are food and drink, DIY crafts, women;s apparel and home decor.

Pinterest is thus famous among both the individuals and the Business Firms. The prominent users of Pinterest are Birchbox-a cosmetic brand ,Whole Foods, Scholastics, Better homes and gardens and Michaels Stores.

The Social campaign of Whole Foods using Pinterest

About Whole Foods

It is an Americans food supermarket chain specializing in organic food. It has stores in US,Canada and UK with its headquarters in Austin,Texas. It is one of the most active user of social media.


It has pins that is videos and images related to food,food art,cool kitchens,recycling and green living.
Users can pin up the interesting things to a pinboards. They can browse,comment,like,share and repin other user’s pins too.

Repinning and linking accounts to facebook, twitter increases popularity of a particular product.It allows the easy flow of information across different infrastructure.

Another effective step taken by the company is “Rich Pins”. This is the pinboard created by the company itself.Users now spend less time on company’s official site instead browse from this pinboard.

The pages like “Page Feed” and “TasteMaker” page that recommends pinboards with similar content to previous pins saved by the user makes the search easy and interesting.

It saves users time as well as increase company’s sales.

Improvement Steps

The company can allow data access to marketers.The marketers will analyse the no of pins on a product followed by no of likes and comments.This data will eventually help the company realise that how people are responding to a product.

The data collected can also depict the change in popularity of a product over a specific time determine if a product is popular or slowing losing its fame.The company can now change their strategies to gain back the popularity.


The reputation of the organisation is not at risk because only the registered users can use Pinterest. Registration can be done by receiving an invitation from a friend or directly requesting invitation from the website.
The website stores actual copies of images. Thus the technical underpinning of Pinterest are not unique.In other words the copyrights of images are kept intact by the company.


Pinterest also gives an option to make the personalized pinboard “Secret”. Many users are unaware of the personalisation. Mostly the users are shown pages as per their liking thus making them unexposed to the foreign ideas.


Pinterest has largely helped in bringing both sales and popularity to the company.It is more effective than any other social media. However, some of the security issues are yet to be solved.


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