#GatherCourage by “Oasis Centre For Reproductive Medicine” urges people to break the taboo and talk about Sexual health issues


Many people find some discomfort in detailing anything to do with their sex lives. Our bodies, sexual health, and sex lives are generally seen as private matters. Especially in India generally, the topic is considered much more taboo due to which people don’t want to come in open even for the basic issue of infertility, which can be taken care effectively if addressed at the right time.

A new social media campaign by Oasis Centre For Reproductive Medicine talks about this particular issue and urge people to be open about the issue of infertility as change may be just around the corner if you consult right people. The campaign is conceptualized by Shootorder Digital Marketing, which brings to life the campaign thought of “ #GatherCourage” on the back of a multi-channel social media campaign.



In a modernized society, the problem of infertility has widened its reach that has impacted men, due to urban settings and surfacing in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities too. Increasing infertility rates are based on the lifestyle changes resulting in stress and obesity caused by lack of physical exercise, changes in eating habits and pollution accompanied by medical disorders like diabetes.. said the Spokesperson from Oasis.

Oasis spokesperson also stated that “the problem isn’t gender-specific. Both male and female partners can be equally responsible for the inability to conceive a child. For long, infertility was a cross that women had to bear. But we’ve found that less than 30 percent of Indian men have normal semen characteristics leading to conception problems for women,” 


“The phrase “Gather Courage” was used in this campaign to communicate the fact that infertility is not a taboo topic anymore. A lot of people feel like it is a flaw or it can only happen to women. This campaign was run to promote the fact that people suffering from infertility are not alone and there are various procedures available in the field of medical science to help recover from this situation. Oasis is one such entity that enables these couples to fulfill their dream of parenthood.” says Rakshita V Raman from Shootorder.

About Oasis

Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine is a comprehensive healthcare provider with specific attention to infertility treatments. It is an ISO 2001 certified organization and diligently follows the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines. Oasis is also a member of The American Society for Reproductive Medicine and The Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India.

Oasis’s mission is to offer accessible, affordable, informative, compassionate and quality healthcare for couples hoping to be parents by combining evidence-based treatments with the latest advances in medical technology.


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