Ghar360: Founder, Funding, Business Model, And Competitors


“Have a virtual walk into your dream ‘Ghar’ before buying it.”

Many real-tech startups are evolving focusing and targeting the requirement of working employees and students who move from their hometowns. The real estate businesses reinvented the old-world techniques by complementing it with technology. Of late, we see humongous growth in the real-tech startups and hand-holding clients till they get the keys and other amenities.

Today, in my article I would like to help you with one such real-tech startup which took forward and gave a different definition to the real estate industry in an unusual way.

Ghar360- A ‘3D’ startup

Ghar360 is a cloud-based 3D Augmented Reality(AR) portal. The startup platform reinvented the interior shopping experience by digitizing the floor plan into interactive walkable spaces.

The product does not just give the aerial view of the floor plans but also gives an opportunity to go inside the house which gives a realistic feeling that a person is already in the home before it is really constructed. Interestingly, the product is as simple as playing an IGI game or Counter Strike.

This provides a bright look and feels for the customers on how the interiors would look like before it is purchased. The technique they implement is simple; they integrate real products into their products to make users try, visualize and play around with it before buying them.


Founded in 2012 by Ajesh Joy and Sanju Thomas at Bengaluru. It is a product from TechZag Solutions PVT LTD.

The emerge of Ghar360 came into limelight when Ajesh eyed on the enormous potential growth in the construction and architecture industry worth of $78 billion and Interior design industry market is of $32 billion and home renovation is estimated to be of $11 billion markets.

A better problem solver

The duo founded that the people are facing difficulty in building homes or related issues. So to have a clear idea of how the house would look after its completion with interiors designed from the concept shared by customers they came up with the 3D form of representing the homes to the customer dreaming about.

Business Model

Ghar360 is based on the Revenue model. Through the digitized floor plans, the company has certain ‘distribution channels and networks’ to reach house owners.

The distribution channel consists of

  • Builders– Access the floor plans and are charged on the basis of floor plans they create or charge a premium fee based on the type of flat(1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK).
  • Architects and Interior designers– Ghar360 connects users to interior designers after a property is purchased. Customers and interior designers share ideas using 3D floor plan.
  • Real Estate Portals– Portals like 99Acres, Magicbricks, etc., are revenue generators uses Ghar360 product.
  • Online retailers– The company charges online retailers one-time setup cost per product and earns a percent on every sale as an affiliate base commission.
  • Retail brands– A white labeled SaaS is provided to retail brands to list their products on their websites where users can try their product using Ghar360 technology.

Funding & Competitors

Ghar360 total funding amount is $20K invested by TLabs. Pepperfry, DezignUp,, FabFurnish are some of the leading competitors to the company.

The company managed a significant reach in the real-tech startup ecosystem. They market themselves in various social media platforms, online campaigns, exhibitions, campaigns, events, etc.

Ghar360 has collaborated with vendors across 80+ categories that sell both offline and online home products. The company has a new feature called “Ghar360 Ideas” to its flagship product. In this, users can bookmark favorite videos or images online from different sources and can save them.

The core difference of the product from other companies is it can be embedded onto any websites and can be shared in social media platforms and also has API Integration providing real products, home customization, and digitized floor plans.


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