Google Launches New Display Ad Format With 3D Objects Called Swirl

Google launches new ad display format with 3D objects

Google is launching a new display ad format, called Swirl, which enables users to interact with 3D objects. With this new ad format, companies can use it as an asset to produce ads to engage users by allowing them to rotate, zoom in and out the object.

Google posted an illustration from a cosmetics company that displayed a 3D ad for one of its fragrances.

You can see every interaction with the object that creates a chance to produce more information about the product. The perfume bottle is rotated providing information that appears with notes about the scent.

As per Google, the Swirl is created for mobile, but the above example is being displayed on a desktop screen.

Google explains,

“Swirl brings three-dimensional assets to display advertising on the mobile web, which can help educate consumers before making a purchase. They can directly zoom in and out, rotate a product, or play an animation.”

It seems like display ads format works best on mobile but is also capable of getting displayed on the desktop.

So, advertisers already having 3D assets can create a Swirl ad piece by using the 3D-Swirl component in Google Web Designer.

Addition to this, Google introduced a new editor on its 3D platform ‘Poly’ which allows advertisers to edit 3D models before publishing them in Swirl ads.

The company offers assistance through 3D production partners and to advertisers who need help in creating 3D objects. The Google Team announces that the Swirl display ad format rolls out later this summer.


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