GREY group India’s New Campaign for ENO Asks You To Live Life Non-Stop!


Fun times are incomplete without food. What good is a movie without nachos and popcorn! Can shopping be complete without a plate of chaat?! Would Holi feel the same without gujiyas? While food’s become an intrinsic part of most fun-filled moments, what happens when the same nibble decides to act as a deterrent.

Enter ENO. With its claim of getting to work in just 6 seconds, ENO has led the fight against unsavory bouts that can hijack occasions of joy and celebration.

Conceptualized and executed by GREY group, the latest campaign for ENO brings to life one such moment in the life of four friends. It demonstrates how the sudden onset of acidity cannot only disrupt an otherwise fun moment but has the potential to derail the celebrations that await.

Speaking on the new commercial, Varun Goswami, Executive Creative Director, GREY group India said, “Part of the joy of a train journey is in sampling the many local delicacies that are served at platform food stalls. Often a representation of the local flavor, these rich, surprising, unpredictable culinary samplers are a part of what makes train journeys, charming and memorable.”

The film involves a group of friends traveling with the groom for his wedding. Sampling local delicacies at every stop, the groom is stumped by a sudden bout of acidity that threatens to derail his travel. The need for urgent relief in a situation like this finds its match in ENO.

 Speaking on the new asset, Ketan Desai, President. (North) & Growth Officer (North & West), GREY group India said, “While the film is steeped in culture, and immediately connects with our audience, we have also embarked on a journey to create ‘memorable assets’ like the ENO ‘O’, the extenuating the relief moments with the effervescent bubbles, ensuring memorability and a strong brand assets that we can use multiple media and touch points.”

 Shot by Equinox Films, at a fully-operational railway station in Bhavnagar, the commercial also introduces a new signature mnemonic for ENO. Created by GREY group and the global design team at ENO, the new “ENO Bubble” will now be seen in all campaigns and consumer touch points.

Eno #JiyoLifeNonStop



Jyoti Chopra Global Business Lead – GI

Bhawna Sikka Global Marketing Manager, ENO


Creative: Varun Goswami, Piyush Jain, Arjun Bhimwal

Account Management: Ketan Desai, Pragati Ghosh, Anisha Mukherji

Planning: Bikram Bindra

 Agency Producer:

Swaty Pande Senior Producer, Hogarth


Director: Deb Medhekar

Producer: Manoj Shroff


About GREY group India:

GREY group ranks among the largest global communications agencies. Its parent company is WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY). Under the banner of “GREY: Famously Effective Since 1917,” the agency serves as a blue-chip client roster to many of the world’s best-known companies; Procter & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, Volvo, Britannia, ITC, Ferrero, Lactalis, Dell, and Adobe to name a few. With creativity and innovation at its core, the agency creates the most compelling brand experiences across Advertising, Digital and experiential platforms to help build meaningful consumer connections. In Asia, GREY group covers 28 cities in 16 countries, which includes Bengaluru, Gurgaon, and Mumbai in India. Visit –



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