HealthifyMe’s Ria 2.0 Is All Set To Launch To Better Your Diet


HealthifyMe, India’s leading health space application is ready to launch its Ria 2.0 AI assistant for the health and diet queries for its users.

HealthifyMe, a mobile application to track your health, to check and burn the unwanted calories, and it also features macro & nutrition tracker. In 2017, the startup launched Ria, the AI personal assistant to augment services to users.

Losing weight is a challenging segment even for those who workout daily if your eating habits are far from the ideal diet plans. HealthifyMe challenges that using AI, the challenge can be made accessible and certainly thinks so.

The health and diet platform is set to launch Ria 2.0; it’s AI personal assistant that can make instant diet guidance to the users. Back in October when Ria is launched, it is made available only to the HealthifyMe premium customers. Ria helps in tracking and providing your diet plans and recommendations. Ria 2.0, as per the company will add more AI-driven features to the assistant. The company is planning to enter Saudi Arabia with the launch of the app.

“Ria for the last one year was available only for premium customers. And there were instances when it would fail, and the nutritionist would have to take over. But with Ria 2.0, the assistant does not fail. It can answer most of your queries around a particular food item, diets, etc.,” explained Tushar Vashisht, CEO and co-founder of HealthifyMe while showcasing the new version of their assistant.

For example, if a user tells Ria 2.0 that they had a particular dish for lunch, it recommends something lighter food like a meal with more proteins at dinner. With it, a user can check everyday progress and can ask Ria 2.0 if chocolates or desserts are the excellent choices for a snack.

Here’s How Ria 2.0 Works

The company will also launch a new ‘Smart Plans’ features with Ria 2.0, where the AI recommends an adjust diet instead of relying on the nutritionist for a more premium plan. As per Tushar, the smart plans feature costs Rs.299 per month, which is surprisingly lower than the premium plans.

Based on the user’s age, goals, weight or any existing pre-medical conditions Ria 2.0 will be customized and can be entered at the time of setting up the app. The company offers a one-week free trial.

The app, when deciding a user’s diet takes medical conditions like PCOS, Hypertension, Diabetics and more into consideration. The name sounds strangely similar to the Google Assistant because the company uses Google API for voice to text assisting its neural network to give advice for diet and answer other queries around health and food.

Vashisht announces that it is also working on integrating Ria with Google Assistant and Alexa in the future. This means that users could ask Google Assistant to use HealthifyMe to check calorie data for a specified food. The personal assistant answers via the Google Assistant app itself. But the idea is still in the works and plans to roll out to schedule in this year.

The company is testing out to add more languages to Ria 2.0 which includes Hindi, Malay, and Arabic where the initial Ria is capable of consulting in Hindi, English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

Another exciting feature of Ria 2.0 is called Snap which identifies food from plates when a user takes a picture. It automatically lets users log food and its calories instantly. HealthifyMe claims Ria can identify around 10,000 most tracked dishes. The virtual assistance also recommends a healthy option picked from a restaurant menu or ordered food via some food order applications in the future.

Ria 2.0 version is expected to roll out by February 2019 which is in beta with all the essential updates. The app has on an average 8 million registered users and saw 650 million messages and food logs; workouts tracked on the platform last year.


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