How AI can Impact Digital Marketing


Nowadays many people don’t believe in the door to door marketing because they use to go in different houses and promote their products and services. Due to this employees get frustrated because approximately 95% people never ever purchase those products by the door they use to go to markets and buy products from shops. They don’t trust on the salesman. That’s why digital marketing came in the market. It helps to promote our businesses not only on the country level but can promote our business globally. Now you can promote your website, services or product to each person who is sitting in their homes. Digital marketing is the method by which we can do marketing with the use of digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Yelp, Youtube and many more are there. But how Artificial Intelligence can help us to grow our business?

Nowadays technology is emerging day by day in the world. With the increase in the technologies our work is becoming more effective and creative; artificial intelligence is one of the emerging technology. Artificial Intelligence is the technology by which system and device behave acts and thinks like a human. Artificial Intelligence is the technology in which a device perceives information from the environment and acts. Now we will discuss some ways of how AI can impact our business.

User Experience

In business, it is important to gain a positive feedback from the customers and users. If the user is not satisfied with your products and services then your business will get a negative feedback. Sometimes a single negative feedback ruins the whole business empire. It is important to achieve a great user experience. If your website is providing good content or good services to users then the user will be happy. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, we can gain more and more customers to our website. Artificial Intelligence helps us to know about their customer behavior, buyer interest and persona, and about their search methods.

In business, the most important factor is providing the better customer service to your customers. There are many famous organizations and companies that have a good sale score but they have bad customer service. They only focus customers at the time of buying their products and services, after that company starts ignoring the customers. By Artificial Intelligence we can implement chatbots on our website. Chatbots will solve customers’ problems faster than any customer centers.

Investment Returns

Returns are the main head of any business, without returns business can’t grow in the market where so many competitors are there. In business, if you have invested in the product then you will get success if and only if your business gets returns. There are so many businesses that invest in other business so that their company earns extra profit but sometimes it fails due to the bad product, insufficient marketing, and bad customer service. We are in the era where we can search for any pieces of stuff with the help of images. We just need to paste the image into the image search engine then it will show the same image or related searches. Artificial Intelligence uses the image recognition at the high level.

By this, we can do payments faster than before. Sometimes people get frustrated with the security steps of the payment gateways of online shopping sites. Now with the help of Machine Learning, we can collect the data about the user behaviors and by this technology, it will automatically clear all the security steps. It will collect information about user interest and then saves in the database. This can be done using decision-making algorithms. By this businesses get the high ROI (Return on Investment).

Search Sessions

The whole internet is based on the search results that consist of different websites, audios, videos, and images. Search sessions are the sessions of the user that have spent time on the internet. In past years, there is only one way to search something on the internet which is type-based search. Now we can search by use of images.

Google is also going to launch an update of Gmail called Smart compose by which Gmail writes emails by itself by use of Artificial Intelligence whenever we type something it will show the related message that you want to say. With Artificial Intelligence, we can easily predict the customer behavior, their future web search. By this, you can promote your products and services based on the searches of customers or users. With Artificial Intelligence we can easily track the searches of the user and can also target those users to your website, and can promote your products and services.

Target Audience

audience target

To run a healthy business it is important to know the right audience. Sometimes we are not able to understand the needs of customers, that’s why so many businesses fail in their beginning year. If we use AI based digital marketing then we can reach to our target audience based on their interest, focus and many more.

Sales Future

Sometimes recession comes in the market and businesses suffer a lot. How will you feel when the owner knows when the recession will occur? I think it feels good. In future we can predict the fluctuations that are coming soon in the market by the help of artificial intelligence. With the help of AI, we can predict the upcoming trends of the market which leads to increase in the sales.

Better Advertising

Advertising is the key to success for any business or non-profit organization. It is important to promote products or brands. Without promotion, your business can be disappeared. Sometimes we put different ads on our websites in which people don’t take any interest. Artificial Intelligence can collect user data from user actions and behavior so that company can create advertisements according to user choices. For example if someone is looking for a product on different shopping sites then with the use of Artificial Intelligence we can display ads of buying the same product for which the user is looking for.


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