How are Beauty Brands using Instagram for Business Promotion?


Did you know today Instagram has more number of users than its cousin Twitter? Over 70 million pictures and videos are posted daily on this social media channel. Given this immense popularity of Instagram, beauty brands are marketing their brands profusely on this platform. Instagram’s cross cultural features allow the beauty product marketers to engage maximum number of fans and followers.

Print advertising and TV commercials can prove to be quite expensive. However, with so much beauty brands available in the market, each equally vying for attention, one needs to advertise frequently and create a very positive brand awareness. Instagram facilitates just that!

Lifestyle Imagery:


As beauty product marketer, one can upload candid lifestyle pictures of different types of women, in different settings. The pictures uploaded by some of the leading beauty brands are such that they evoke a desire in the fans to create a similar lifestyle for themselves, as depicted in the pictures, with the help of the particular brands.

Pre-launch Buzz


A lot of beauty product marketers use Instagram to create a buzz about their forthcoming product. The Instagram buzz is created by posting catchy images and videos continually for several weeks. This helps the specific brands in gathering a lot of fans. It is up to the marketer’s creativity how they use their images and videos. It is seen that some brands work towards creating a mystery about the product and finally reveal the actual product details just before the final product launch.

Fan Engagement:

The images and videos should be clicked and shot in a way that it arouses the interest of the target audience, create a desire in them to know more about the product and finally be tempted enough to buy the product.

Garner Fans with User-generated Content:


Several beauty brands launch campaigns that encourage the consumers to post pictures and videos of the products. This helps in building brand awareness and loyalty. One satisfied customers through her images or videos can give birth to several new customers. Just imagine, if you see your friend using a new beauty product and is happy with it, chances are very high that you would want to try out the product and see for yourself! In a nutshell, having lot of user-generated images and video clips helps other customers in making an informed decision. Also, positive reviews and feedback from existing customer speaks high about the particular brand.

Beauty Tutorial:

Leading brands create mini video tutorials and upload on their Instagram account. Such short videos provide quick solutions to consumers and that is the reason, why they get quickly viral and engage more number of fans. The best thing is it hardly costs anything to create a 15 seconds long video, compared to the lengthy ones. A lot of marketers post condensed version of their main video on Instagram and try attracting maximum traffic to their YouTube channel.

Actionable Hashtags:


Using hashtags is a great way to develop a community and generate a chain of conversation from one image. Relevant tags help in attracting more number of targeted fans. Marc Jacobs #MJDaisyChain campaign was launched to promote a new fragrance. The fans were encouraged to share images, using #MJDaisyChain. The brand gave away free gifts like perfumes and accessories in exchange for Instagram photos, Tweets and also Facebook promotional posts.

Brand Loyalty


It is observed that Instagram has successfully helped in effectively increasing more number of sales for beauty products, compared to other social media channels. The primary reason for this Instagram doesn’t deal in direct selling as much as it helps in creating brand loyalty. Through Instagram, the different beauty product brands can high light how they have enriched their consumer’s life. The authenticity of the consumer generated images and videos help in establishing the brand’s authority.

Also, several prominent beauty product brands link their images to their products, making Instagram shoppable too! Life can’t easier for us women, can it?

Did you think only start-ups are using Instagram for marketing their products? No, even established international brands are harnessing the marketing potential of Instagram big time! Estee Lauder recently made model Joan Smalls its Instagram ambassador. Maccosmetics is one of the most popular brands on Instagram with close to 3,000,000 followers.

So, whether it’s for a product launch or to create brand positioning, several beauty product marketers are leveraging on Instagram



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