6 Types of Ads you can display on Youtube and How to advertise on Youtube?

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YouTube has now become the world’s second-largest social media platform and third most visited site after Google and Facebook. People all around the world are watching more than 1 Billion hours of YouTube videos every day and more than 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. So, if you want to make your voice to be heard by a large chunk of people Youtube advertising is one of the best ways to do it.

Now that we know how popular and powerful the youtube is in the social media Not only for watching entertaining videos but also for advertisements. Youtube is a great platform to reach millions of people from any corner of the world in just a matter of minutes.

Here are other benefits of Youtube Advertising?

Benefits of Youtube advertisements

  • Reach your customers, how much ever distance they are in just one click. No much effort, time and cost are required…
  • Using Google AdWords, it makes a connectivity of your business with the google. Now tell me, what’s more, advantageous than showing up your business in the google?
  • Create an official youtube channel, to stack in one place. Also, give the link to your youtube channel in all of your social accounts.

In this article, we will talk about the six different types of YouTube ads, Youtube advertising platform itself, and the specifications for each ad type with a firm understanding on How to advertise on Youtube.

So, let us start with different types of ads you can display on Youtube?

Types of YouTube ads

  • Skippable video Ads (TrueView ads)
  • Non-skippable video Ads
  • Bumper Ads
  • Overlay Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Sponsored Cards

#1 TrueView Ads

Also, known as skippable Ads is the best way to drive brand engagement on YouTube. These ads can be skipped after five seconds. It is the safest bet for advertising on Youtube as you only have to pay for these ads when the viewer watches 30 seconds or more Unless you’re optimizing based on action or reach.

TrueView ads come in two formats, In-Stream ads and Discovery ads. In April 2018, Google introduced TrueView for Reach, a new way of optimizing your TrueView ads based on your campaign goals. Rather than paying whenever a prospect watches your ad to completion, TrueView for Reach enables CPM (cost per 1,000) pricing for these shorter ads, meaning you’ll pay per 1,000 views. To be eligible for this type of optimization, your ad must be between six and 30 seconds.

#2 Non-skippable video Ads

These are the longer ads used to tell a deeper, more nuanced stories. These ads are paid for on a CPM basis. Non Skippable ads have a time limit of only 15 to 20 seconds which is a great news for mobile users in particular: shorter ads use fewer data and are less of a time commitment.

#3 Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads are also Non Skippable ads but they last only six seconds, max. Like non-skippable ads, bumpers are paid for on a CPM basis.

#4 Overlay Ads

YouTube overlay ads are banner advertisements that you’ll often see running along the bottom of a video. They can be simple text ads like the one above, or image-based banners.

#5 Display Ads

Display ads appear above the video suggestions list. Display ads on YouTube can be managed from within AdWords, allowing you to double up with the Display Network for maximum reach.

#6 Sponsored Cards

Cards are small CTA pop-ups you can set to appear within the YouTube player. You can use them to add interactivity to your videos on desktop or mobile. Sponsored cards appear as a small information icon, sometimes accompanied by a text CTA that appears upon mouseover.

So these are 6 types of Youtube ads you can display. Now we can move to learn about advertising on Youtube?

The first thing you need to do is make some creative and meaningful ads for your business. Hire for some professional ad makers and design your ads that grab the attention of the people towards your product. Create your ad depending on the type of ad you want to display given above. Now let’s get started with how to advertise on Youtube also known as Youtube Marketing.

A  complete guide on Youtube Advertisement


  • Go to “https://adwords.google.com”.
  • Sign into the Google AdWords with your Gmail account.
  • To create an ad campaign go to the AdWords dashboard.
  • In the all video campaign section, click the create new campaign button.
  • Give your campaign name and the type of VIDEO.
  • Select your budget and the delivery method.

There are two delivery methods,

  • Standard: it shows you ad evenly every time.
  • Accelerated: your ad will be shown as quickly as possible.


  • Go to the network option and select either “youtube search” or “ youtube videos”.That includes the Google display network.
  • Next option is located.
  • There would be given few options of the location in which location do your ad video shows up. If your place doesn’t exist in the options there is this blank in which you can type in your location.
  • Give in the languages in the list given.
  • In the video, ad section paste your youtube video ad link.
  • Choose either in the stream or in display option that helps to displays your video before the user sees his desired video.
  • Give your website name and the devices in which your ad to be shown.


  • Advanced settings consist of choosing of start date and end date. This facility is for the period of time in which your ad campaign runs.
  • If you have multiple ads to advertise then add on the links of all of them in ad delivery section. This section has an option of selected the videos that have more views or anything you like to advertise.
  • Frequency is an option where you opt for the timing based on how many times your ad should display. That may be either like 5 times a day, or week based on your budget.
  • Save and continue.

STEP 4: Targeting

  • Here you can target the group of the audience. the main part of this section is targeting the people based on the keywords.
  • You need to give the keywords that are most likely to be searched, whenever someone types the keyword your video shows up.
  • Next is bidding. The bidding is paying a certain amount for your chosen keyword so that there is a competition against others chosen keyword.
  • Go on and select the age group, users interest, or show up for children or parents. This targets for the people who you chose.
  • Add more keywords for extending the search. Suggestions are also given based on your selected keywords.
  • Click DONE.

After you click the done, your list of billing shows up and gives the average cost per view.

The number of views of your video ads and every information, tracking about your ad can be observed in your Google AdWords dashboard.


This is the complete guide on how to advertise on the youtube. Design your ad videos more entertaining, humorous, short lengthed and simple, understanding and relevant to your business. It is important to put in mind to attract the viewer’s eyes, try to make an impact in them. Respond to their comments that create a bond between the customer and you. Make separate campaigns for each of your ads rather than putting every ad in one campaign. There are also different formats in the youtube ads like skippable ads, non-skippable ads, bumper ads, sponsored ads and more.

Choose a right format and let your game begin. Follow the steps, improve your marketing, advertise about your business and reach out for your customers. Grow your business by letting know the presence of your company, increase your sales and be always close and available to your customers, remember connectivity with your customers is a key to success in the business. Not to forget, make your links available in all of your social accounts.






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