7 Tips For Women 50+ Eager To Start A Business

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Are you women over 50 and want to become your own boss I say you should totally go for it.  A startup is not just a young people game. People in late 40s and 50s are totally equipped to go for it. Some studies suggest that people with more experience in real life have better chances of successful Startup.  

With years of experience, you’re far more prepared to launch than a 20-something. Starting a business later in life lets you take advantage of the business experience you’ve built up, your network of connections and your road warrior-honed competitive skills. Your success in running a business will depend on your vision not on your age.  So before you get started here are few tips from our side to start a successful business in your 50s.

#1 Write a Business Plan:

Your business plan includes a summary of what your company is all about, your potential customers, why you are qualified to run it, how you’ll sell your goods and services, and your company’s financial outlook. Make sure your expectations are realistic and achievable keeping your abilities in Mind.

#2 Do the Prep Work:

The most important step to start your own business is to ask business coach. A business coach will help you to brush up your marketing or finances skills.

#3 Find your Customer

Finding right customers for your business is something that should consume most of your time. It’s important to spend time with your customers and figure out what they want and how can you provide them. By talking to more and more people, you’ll come to know what kind of product or business solution will fit their needs.

#4 Get your Finances in Order:

When you start a business your personal expenses became your business expenses.  Keep your monthly budget as tight as possible then plan your personal expenditures ahead of time, to prepare for the time period before you start earning income.

#5 Find Out the Source of Funding:

If you have enough saving to seed fund your startup it great. If not look for friends or relatives who will lend you money interest-free or at a low rate, and get the terms in writing.

#6 Look for virtual advice:

There are numbers of virtual platforms available in the market which use Artificial Intelligence to connect female entrepreneurs with other business owners, government resources, potential funders, and mentors.

#7 Take full knowledge of State taxes:

If you’re doing retail,  make sure you understand sales tax law of your country. The more familiar you are with small business taxes at the beginning, the fewer tax headaches you’ll have in the future.


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