7 Tips to Increase Ad Engagement on Snapchat

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is a social media platform for the current generation to communicate and connect with people they love. It is also a great tool for businesses to advertise their products and service to the user base quickly.

Choosing the right strategy is necessary to increase engagement on the platform. Since these ads are shorter compared to other platforms, it is best to make it worth your investment. Here are 7 tips that will help increase ad engagement on Snapchat.

Right Format

Since the introduction of Snapchat ads, the inventory of ad formats has grown significantly. Snapchat ads are a perfect tool to increase engagement, conversions and spread awareness about your business. And the Snapchat Ad tools are considerably easier as well. But to make the most out of your advertisement campaigns, you need the right format for each type of ad.

Dynamic Ads are great if you have a big catalogue of products in your business. Whereas, if you aim is to increase online sales for your products, it is best to try out Single image, Story ads or Collection ad formats.

You can use app install attachments if you are aiming for a higher number of app installs on user devices. This will offer users the capability to swipe up and download the app from the respective stores. These ad formats are helpful if you are trying to boost engagement in general as well.

Showcase the Whole Product

When posting advertisements about products from your business, it is best to offer full scream images from both sides of your products. You can also add a ‘Hero’ message at the beginning of the advertisement. Adding recent offers on the product can also help increase interest among users.

If you are going to promote your apps, its best to showcase the user-interface in the ad. Throw in some benefits of using the app as well. For businesses trying to showcase new locations of their stores, make sure you direct focus on key features and product specialization of the store.

Mirror Ads like Snaps

One of the organic methods to reach your customer base on the platform is to create ads in a similar pattern as a Snap. That means keeping it under five to six seconds, the same size as a Snap is. This ensures higher engagement levels as user-generated content gets more views compared to well-polished Ads on the platform.

Add Relevant Messages

Another great way to increase drive sales or app installs from Ads is by adding relevant messaging to drive urgency. Keep the message short, simple, and easy to understand for users. Adding these messages from the beginning of the Ad tend to get more success.

Always localize these messages based on your audience. If you are going to add an offer on the service or product, it is best to showcase it in the first two seconds.

Don’t Forget Sound

When creating Snapchat Ads, it is crucial to add music or audio to the ads. According to Snapchat, more than 64% of the ads on the platform are viewed with sound on. To make it easy, you can add customer testimony along with the ad for users to understand it better.

Proper Links

It’s important to add links properly to ensure your users land on the right page after engaging with the ads. Use the proper attachments to add links to your ads, such as Web View Attachment, App Install attachments or Deep link. Deep-link attachments are beneficial if you are aiming to reengage existing users of the app.

Test & Try

It is always good to test ad creatives and try new formats to ensure that your campaigns are successful. These tests should be continued for as long as two weeks to obtain accurate results. These tests allow you to identify what strategy works best with the users.


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