How is Tumblr different from blogging & micro blogging websites?


We all are quite familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but how much you know about tumblr?

I was searching for something on Google and suddenly saw the small sign of tumblr “t” on my screen; I am not currently a user of this social media site so I thought of doing some research on it and sharing it with everyone.
Basically, it is a microblogging platform as Wikipedia describes it; and a social networking website which allows its users to post their short-blogs, pictures, or even reblog something they liked.


Tumblr was launched in Feb, 2007 and within a short period of two weeks it had gained 75k users…amazing, isn’t it? Too many bloggers around us I guess. So it was founded by David Karp and on May 20, 2013, Yahoo! acquired it for approximately $ 1.1 billion. Its headquarters are located in New York City. So this concludes its basic facts.

Moving on to the features, the main page is a “Dashboard” used to accumulate the updates of the blogs you like. It is also used to post your blogs, pictures, statuses, etc. Next is “Queue”, as the name itself suggests, it is used to schedule your posts like delaying them by a period of several hours or days. Other is “Tags”, they are certain words used with a “#” sign which makes it easier for the audience to search for a particular type of blog, for example: If someone wants to read a blog about love then they can just search it by the help of tags. Tumblr even allows its users to use a custom domain name and change the appearance of their blogs by HTML coding.

The service has been launched on iOS, Blackberry world, Android, Windows phone and Google glass. It hosts over 221.3 million blogs and more than 102.5 billion posts in total. Big numbers!

The site is most popular with the teens and college aged people, infact half of the visitors are under the age of 25. So considering its users, tumblr doesn’t promote adult content or self-harm and suicidal blogs.

With all that said I guess I’ll be going to join tumblr now, it’s nice for both readers and writers to have a space of their own, sharing their thoughts with the world and knowing theirs, without any boundaries or barriers.


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