How Social Media Can Get You a Job?


Few days back, I went for a Post-Job Interview at a Consultancy firm for the profile of Marketing Intern. Surprisingly, the interviewer asked me to come empty handed.

Img1When I reached there what I found was that the interviewer already had all my social-networking pages open. He had my Linkedin and Facebook on his laptop and questioned me. Back were the days, when you were required to bring a folder full of docs and CV for Internships and Part-time jobs.



So, today I’ll be sharing a few tips with y’all which can lead to a successful interview. Yes, mine went successful too.


Have a decent profile picture : The first thing, somebody looks at in your profile if your profile picture. I know, we all want to look as cool as we can in our DPs but no firm is up for hiring a Punk. Yes, Punks are too cool to work.

‘Works at’ Section : This one’s for people who put, “I’m daddy’s princess, I don’t have to work” or “I’m the boss of myself” . No Bro No, They’ll kick you out as soon as they read this. Please put something true and decent here or rather leave it blank.

Always have a Linkedin : As soon as you join a college, the first thing you should do is make a Linkedin putting all your details in there cause this is the time when you’ll be applying for various internships and part-time jobs.

Chronological Order : Be it Linkedin or Facebook, do keep ‘Studies at’ or ‘Works at’ section in a chronological order with the time span mentioned (Years, Months etc) as it is easy for the interviewers as well as your friends and colleagues to read and understand.

Bio : Your Bio should be complete and précised and there should be absolutely no falsification. Bio section is meant to have your qualities, hobbies, interests, etc nothing more than that.

Keep it managed : This one can never get more true, If you can’t keep your own profile managed how can they expect you to have their work managed?
Don’t fake anything : This is for your own good, faking things would never get you a job, whether you’re faking stuff online or offline. It can get you in jeopardy and you could lose great opportunities.

Img2 (1)
All these miniature things, should really be kept in mind. No Interviewer is interested in your personal life but he definitely wants to know your real self.
For the people who think, keeping strong Privacy settings could work but who knows if the interviewer gives a laptop in your hand in the middle of the interview and asks to log in?
Hope it would help.
May the odds be ever in your favor.



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