How to Get Free Instagram Followers?



Instagram is one of the hottest photo sharing networks today! The fun begins when you start uploading your pictures, get likes and comments on your pictures and see the number of your Instagram followers increasing.

If you have an active Instagram profile and are posting pictures at regular intervals, yet don’t get too many likes or followers, then you must follow some non-spammy techniques to gain maximum number of followers on Instagram.

So let’s take a look at the different ways how you can get more Instagram followers for free:

Promote, promote and Promote!

Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube etc. This way you can attract more number of people to your Instagram profile. You can let people know that they can see behind-the-scene pics, new arrival pictures etc. on your Instagram profile.


Holding an Instagram contest is a fruitful way to increase your follower base. Giveaway freebies or some small prizes that will act as a bait to drive tons of new users to participate in the contest. You could host ‘Like-to-win’ contests, which is easy to conduct. There is immense power in an Instagram contest. It can generate huge follower engagement and increase the number of followers, considerably.

Use Hashtags :

Using hashtags is the most effective way to get maximum eyeballs on your Instagram pictures. Try to use picture specific hashtags, which will speak more about the theme of the picture and the project it is a part of. For example, if you are using Instagram to promote a particular brand of handmade soaps, along with using hashtags like #handmade, #soaps, you can also include tags that describe your brand of soaps more, such as  #skinfriendly #smoothskin #goatmilk #allskintypes etc. Also, some of the common hashtags that help in increasing followers are #instafollow. #Instaclick #followback , #tagforlikes etc.

Like other Pictures:

The more you like other pictures, chances are high that there will be more follow backs. Donot stick to your particular niche, start liking random pictures. This way you can expand your reach and get known more! This is a tried and tested method to increase followers for free on Instagram!

Comment too!

You will get new Instagram followers, if you start commenting in other pictures. If you follow others and comment on their pictures, you will definitely get more followers, as per the standard reciprocation system.

Your Instagram Photo Caption:

What you write in your photo caption tab plays a big role in attracting more likes and subsequent followers. Asking a related question in your caption or playing guessing games can increase level of engagement. More people will be tempted to answer to your questions. As a result, there will be more comments and more likes to your photos.

Geo-Tagging :

You could geo-tag your pictures which will help you in attracting the people by location. Those who are in your geo tagged location or are interested in the same, will easily find you.

Adding a Personal Touch:

Uploading your product pictures all the time might get a little monotonous. Instead, from time to time, upload interesting pictures, such as behind-the-scene pictures, sneak peek of an upcoming product, personal pictures which will help in striking an interpersonal chord  with your followers. Try posting lifestyle photographs in order to get the maximum attention and response. Never post inappropriate pictures or caption, which could violate religious views ad beliefs.

Make your Photos Attractive:

The filters available in Instagram made it one of the most popular photo sharing websites. With the help of these filters, you can edit and personalise your pictures. By using the right filters, you can make your photos more captivating.

Pay attention to your Bio:

Your bio reflects your brand strength. By reading your bio your Instagram followers will discover who you are and for many, it could be the deciding factor, whether they would want to follow you or not. So, write a short and crisp bio, with all the necessary information.

By following all of the above tips , you are sure to notice a good increase in the number of your Instagram followers for free!



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