How to Secure Twitter Account


Every day morning you jump out of bed and first, you check the social account for mentioning, messages and notifications you have got. Of course, there are many accounts you operate and everyone is very rigorous about the security of their accounts, but sometime you fail to see that in order to use many accounts at once, you screw up the security measures, For an instance if you Google+ account is connected with your Facebook, Twitter or your Freecharge account than any of the accounts that will compromise with security, also will create the problem for your rest of the accounts and to you as well.

If we talk in general sense, Twitter and Facebook are the two common grounds which are used by majority of the user population. Also, these two are stay connected with one another generally as both sites have the option to connect both of the sites easily. You all know security measures very well related to Facebook, but what about Twitter?

Here is the proven method that can protect your Twitter account effectively, observe-

Understand what protecting your tweets will do-

Once you make your tweets private, other users will need to make a request to follow you, and you will need to approve all requests.

  • Your tweets will only be visible to approved followers.
  • Other users will be unable to retweet you.
  • Your tweets will not appear in any Google searches, and will only appear in Twitter searches conducted by your approved followers.
  • Any @replies you send will not be seen, unless you send them to your approved followers. For example, if you tweet a celebrity they will not be able to see it, as you have not approved them to follow you.
  • Anything you tweeted while your account was public will now become private, and will only be viewable or searchable by your approved followers.
  • You will only be able to share permanent links to your tweets with your approved followers.

Now if you are not a marketing person then you can protect your tweets

Next question comes to mind is how to do it, well let’s see this process in simple 5 steps-

  • Click on Log-in icon of your profile which is ‘Gear’ shaped. Here you will find a “Setting and Help” icon.
  • After clicking on above described icon, scroll down to the tab “Security and Privacy” option where you will find the all privacy settings for your account.
(image source:http//


  • Here you will find an option “Protect my Tweets” and a check box adjacent to it. Mark the check by clicking on it once.
  • Click on “Save changes” and it is done. Now all of your tweets are protected from unauthorised connections.
(image source:http//


  • You can undone it any time by uncheck the box adjacent to “Protect my Tweets”.

Finally, the last question comes that how to approve users who wants to connect with you. See these simple steps;

  • Go to your home page where you will find the tab “One new follower request”.
  • You also can check pending follower requests by observing a large button on the left sidebar which will indicate that you need to review pending requests. Twitter also send e-mails related to new user requests.
  • Now click on to pending request button and you can see the entire follower’s request list. You can also check their profiles.
  • Click on the “Approve” or “Decline” buttons to accept or deny your follower requests. Users that you decline will not be notified. Users that you accept will now be able to read and search for your tweets, but they will be unable to retweet them (as their followers do not have permission to view your tweets).


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