Create Better Video Ad Campaigns With These 5 Tips

Video Marketing

Since a few years, video content has been trending a lot when it comes to influencing the audience. And this trend is here to stay for a long time. It would be a good idea to add video marketing into your business strategy this year.

If that’s your plan this year then this is the right article for you. Let’s have a look at 5 tips that you can use to create effective video ad campaigns.

#1 Add Personalization

Adding personalization to your video ads can help boost the video a lot and will also increase the number of customers you can grab. This is because people like to find videos that solve their issues without wasting any time. There are multiple softwares available like Wideo, Viewbix and much more that’ll help you with creating better videos as well.

#2 Relevancy

For a moment, imagine a food ordering app’s ad promoting coupons for mobile top-ups, would that make any sense?

The video you create has to be relevant to what people desire, what interests they have and their emotions. Every ad should be created once you have done the proper analysis of the topic which would make the audience feel that it’s relevant to them. The audience is attracted to things that are meaningful to them. The content of the ad you’ll create should be realistic in general.

#3 Attention-Grabbing Start

Remember that, the first few minutes of a video ad decides whether the audience will continue to watch or will move on to the next. These ads need to grab attention immediately. One way of doing something like this is storytelling. If the customer is hooked from the beginning, the chances of them watching the video completely increases a lot.

You can also feature influencers or celebrities in your video ad if you want your video ads to get popular.

#4 Keep It Original

Long-time ago, Advertisers used to make video ads that were long. But that’s not the case anymore, authentic content can make more than what highly produced video ads arent making. It’s your choice though, whether you should go raw or not, just keep in mind that you should never copy others. You need to keep everything real, from the ideas to the final result.

#5 Go For The Right Ad Type

There are a number of formats you can choose when it comes to creating a video ad, like non-skippable in-stream ads, skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads, out-stream ads and video discovery ads. Choosing the right format for the right objective is the key here.

For example, Bumper ads are perfect when you want to increase your brand awareness and reach. For leads, you can use skippable in-stream ads. So choose based on what your brand needs at that moment.


Don’t take video campaigns light, these are really important when it comes to satisfying business roles. With the right kind of content in your video, you can pull a good number of customers for your business. Just be sure to follow these 5 steps, and you won’t face any issues.


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