2022 Digital Business Hacks: Top Facebook Ads To Grow Your Business


Social Media juggernaut, Facebook is known for both B2C and B2B businesses- referring to “Facebook Ads” to help your businesses grow.

Despite scandals and allegations, Facebook still remains as the world’s biggest social media platform where one billion people log on to it every day.

Facebook ads remained as a hub for most of the components on any social media marketing strategy. Do you think business marketers were utilizing  Facebook ads to the fullest?! Is there a lot to figure out about the formats, specifications, placements and more?!

Do not panic!  The article assists you like a mini-guide enclosing the principal differences and benefits of the top Facebook ad types.

11 Facebook ad types to kick-start your trade in 2019

Facebook Photo ads

Images are the foremost things people see when engaging with your ads. It is the most important thing on all ads on Facebook, and it is considered a powerful tool.

Single image ads always works well, and it is easiest to make on Facebook. Always start with a clear concept, then create a standout image and a clear CTA, accompanying the image with a copy. Facebook ads can be used widely across the most placements making them ideal for brand awareness, reach, engagement, and even store visit goals.

Top Hints:

  • Choose a captivating subject which interests people.
  • Quality is the first impression carried by the people. Do not upload blurry, over or underexposed photos. Uploading the highest resolution is considered as the main factor.
  • Use no image text or little depending on the possibility. Facebook on a survey, realized that images less than 20% text perform better.
  • To make sure you’ve got an excellent text-to-visual ratio, use Facebook’s Image Text Check tool.
  • Too much of text in the thumbnail can affect your product. Avoid it.
  • Image width and Height should be a minimum of 600×600 pixels. You can include more than one image, choose Slideshow, Carousel, or Collection ads.

Facebook Video ads

A video is a reigning supremacy on Facebook, particularly on mobile.

Research shows that people spend five times longer with videos than the static content and 30 percent of mobile shoppers consider it as the best channel for exploring new products. Facebook video ads prominent at driving reach, conversions, and engagement including Instagram.

Top Hints:

  • Thumbnail images and titles will grab the attention of users so try using them.
  • You need to capture the attention of the people on an average of 1.7 seconds prior they decide to move on. If you are a success in hold the attention, there are 65% chances of viewers watching for at least another 10 seconds.
  • Maintain short videos to increase brand size.
  • Billions of people are on to mobiles. So, optimize for mobile to lift the percentage of brand awareness.
  • As usual, upload the highest resolution video available.
  • Create a sound off for the video because most of the mobile feed are played on mute.
  • Make videos accessible with captions.
  • Leverage the use of Facebook 360 videos, capture to interest the users.


  • Facebook video ads support most of the file types. It recommends H.264 compression, fixed frame rate, progressive scan, square pixels, and stereo AAC audio compression at 128kbps+
  • Make sure video does not have black bars.
  • Video File Size is recommended to be 4GB Max.
  • Video Length should be a minimum 1 second and a maximum of 240 Minutes.

Facebook Slideshow ads

Slideshow ads on Facebook bring images and videos together with a cost-effective package. It is an essence to the growth of a product.

Two reasons to opt to choose a Facebook Slideshow Ad. One, if you are on a budget, this format access you to add eye-catching motion to multiple images. One can upload original photos, or even choose from Facebook’s stock image library. Two, if you have a pre-existing video, upload it and select stills of your choice to use in slideshow format. This helps if your audience, located somewhere with lame connection speeds, low-bandwidth slideshows.

Facebook Carousel ads

To showcase a range of products or to tell a story in parts, Facebook carousel ads format is the best fit. You can upload between 2 and 10 images or videos where users can swipe through.

A call to action thread is used to each slide of the carousel. There are 18 call-to-action buttons to choose, ranging from Call Now to Subscribe.

Facebook carousel ads appear in the mobile and desktop Feeds on both Facebook and Instagram. These can be created from an event, page, the Ads Manager, or API.

Top Hints:

  • Use images complementing each other.
  • Make use of the format to showcase a range, a series, or develop a narrative.
  • Keep the story in order to have best-performing carousel cards.
  • Consider a single long image across a carousel ad.


  • Use a minimum number of 2 cards and a maximum of 10 cards.
  • Image file type should be jpg or png.
  • Video file size should be of 4GB.
  • Video length to be up to 240 minutes.
  • File size to be 30MB.

Facebook Collection ads

Facebook collection ads are the attention-grabbing news feed gateway to experience ads. The mobile format allows you to combine slideshow or images, video to improve traffic and sales for your market brands. The carousel ad is considered best for online retailers to convert interest into an instant sales.

Patterns include:

  • Instant Lookbook to tell a brand story.
  • Instant Storefront- when you have four or more products to showcase. Use the template as a mobile landing page to drive people to website or app.
  • Instant customer acquisition.
  • Instant Storytelling to show brand awareness and objectives to new customers.

Facebook Instant experiences

Facebook Instant experiences are mobile-only format supporting full-screen vertical ads. This feature is all about enticing the attention of an audience. Comes with a pack of Pixel making it easier to re-engage visitors.

These are lightning fast loads, 15 times faster than standard mobile web pages. Instant experiences when paired with any other Facebook ad format becomes the quick, post-click destination for in-app conversions and engagement.

Top Hints:

  • Show a cohesive story which complements the content that supports.
  • Highlight product diversity.
  • Showcasing a variety of different images under your media inspires people to tap more.
  • Align clear steps for viewers.
  • Tilt-to-pan effects and images tagged with products are the best effects to add to your product.
  • Link URL parameters to the correct location.

Facebook Stories ads

Many people are familiar with Instagram stories. Stories are full-screen images or videos which disappears after 24 hours unless you save them. Stories are worth considering particularly on Facebook for the fast growth of a business.

More than half of the people make use of these stories across Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram to make purchases online.

When creating an ad, Facebook Stories cannot be selected as a standalone placement. It is included under placements when choosing Automatic Placements. Instant Forms are compatible with Facebook Stories to complete surveys.


  • Image aspect ratio should be 9:16 to 1.91:1
  • Maximum image duration is preferred to be 6 seconds.
  • Maximum image file size-30 MB.
  • .jpg and .png supports the image.
  • Maximum Video width- 500px.
  • Maximum video duration-15 seconds.
  • Video file size- 4GB.
  • Supported video types-.mp4 and .mov

Facebook Messenger ads

Facebook Messenger, not specifying about Facebook. It is the top mobile app in the form of downloads. The Facebook messenger ads appear in user’s inbox which can be of an image carousel, video, or dynamic ads.

Messenger inbox ads are created by adding Messenger Inbox as a placement for your brand campaign. According to Facebook, the best way is to set up Messenger ads using automatic placements. These send ads to the place to have the best results at the lower cost.  These ads put people into direct conversation with your brand business.

Marketers can also send Sponsored Messages to customers your business. These appear in the conversation thread of the inbox like any other message.

Facebook Lead ads

Facebook Lead ads are used for various customer acquisition needs from newsletter subscriptions to event registrations and to quote requests.

If a user clicks on a lead ad, it is viewed with a context card providing additional information. Where marketer can tell people about your business, offer, and why should they share this information.

Note: Facebook lead ads can be created from your page or from Ads Manager.

Top Hints:

  • Keep it concise.
  • Avoid open-ended questions to avoid lower conversation rates. Better use multiple choices leading to more drop off.
  • Avoid too many choices. Limit questions around three to four options.
  • Finally, add a custom “thank you” to show your gratitude.

Facebook Dynamic ads

To promote products from any catalog, Facebook dynamic ads is the ideal format to grow your business leading people to show interest in your app or website. The format can be created using image, carousel, or collection ad format.

Dynamic ad allows you to create a template that pulls images and information automatically from your catalogue.

Top Hints:

  • Setup your catalogue by double checking the Facebook’s catalogue specs.
  • Schedule updates- if your catalogue changes regularly with prices and other related product updates.

Facebook Link ads

To pull people to your website, Link ads is the best format to use. Every component of the format is clickable.

Top Hints:

  • Choose an eye-catching image which is vibrant and high quality.
  • An explicit headline and descriptive text help to inspire more clicks.
  • Add a CTA Button.
  • Make customers aware of where their click takes them describing the product destination.

Facebook, in many ways, had positive techniques to grow your business. Facebook ads are prominent formats to re-shape your business model. The powerful tool makes it easy to create, manage, and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns.

Try it now. Explore them to improve your virtual business growth. Hope this article is brief and crystal clear.


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