How to start a successful Podcast for your brand? Benefits of Podcasts for brands

How to start a successful Podcast for your brand? Benefits of Podcasts for brands

In the age of digital marketing, people are expecting something that can attract them within seconds. Not everyone has time to read a 5000-word blog post or watch a 40-minutes video.

Due to the short attention span among the audience, digital marketers are using many methods to attract customers to their products or services. The podcast is the new fad among the audience to reach a larger audience with a simple and clear message.

Recently, podcasts are playing a significant role in building up a brand new image for a brand or product. As per studies, around 40% of Americans who are aged above 12 are listening to podcasts with great interest. 

Starting a podcast can be a herculean task for beginners or professionals on so many levels. It is not like a walk in the park type project to establish a successful podcast. There are some many technical obstacles waiting for you if you are thinking of starting a podcast.

Nevertheless, do not get disheartened because there are specific things to keep in mind before airing your first podcast to establish a new brand in the market.

Here are some of the prerequisite before airing the first podcast:

Significance of Niche:

The internet world is the sea of possibilities. You have to be sure about the depth of the concerned business for which you are going to air a podcast. First of all, you should choose the topic of the podcast carefully. The podcast should be related to the brand or services you are providing. Let us take the example of a fashion designer, where you can take a niche related to the fashion industry. When your podcast is about your service or business, only then you will do it religiously without getting bored over time. Remember, patience is required to make things work in the age of social media.

Decide the Format of the Podcast:

There are various formats of podcasts. You have to choose as per the type of business or service you are running. To get the exact idea about the format, you should know the demographics of your targeted audience like age, geographical area and preferences. 

If your audience is knowledge-based, then you should go for more of a technical narrative format. It can make the audience understand your services and products more reliably. 

If the audience is more of a casual approach, then you can go for the storytelling format. The storytelling format can connect the audience with you on a personal note.

The interview podcast format is quite convincing these days as the audience tends to believe the people who are already doing good in a particular area of expertise. The influencing market is gaining momentum through podcasts.

Podcasting Equipment

The audio quality should be the finest as the concerned audience is going to listen to you. No need to say, the key to a superb podcast is the best audio quality. You have to make sure that the audio pieces of equipment should be of a good brand with an amazing microphone. 

You will need the audio recordings for your podcast. Try to use some best available internet-based podcast plug-ins. Make sure to have sufficient storage space on your computer. After the recording, run enough tests to ensure the quality of all recordings.

Here is the the list of some of the wordpress podcast plug-ins for you:

  • Power Press
  • Fusebox
  • Seriously Simple Podcasting
  • Sermon Manager

Benefits of Podcasting for Brand Awareness:

Connection with the Audience

You are supposed to connect with your listeners through a clear and cut message. Try to open up about the product or service you are offering.

Podcasts are known to make a personal connection with your listeners through your engaging voice and delivery. A trust should be built with the listener to make sure your message is being delivered properly.

Convenient Option:

The podcasting can be very engaging along with being easily available to your potential customers. Even if your listener can not listen to you at once, he/she can record it and listen to it later while driving or working. 

Traffic Generation:

A regular podcast can be highly beneficial for the growth of traffic on your website, blog or store. It builds trust among the audience, and then they subscribe to your podcast. To get more traffic to your podcast, you have to be consistent and diligent towards your podcast. 

High Conversion Rate with Podcast:

A regular listener to your podcast can be your next potential customer. When your brand grows with time through your podcast, people are most likely to buy your products or services as you have built a sense of security in them. 

As per a survey of podcast listeners, around 62% of the listeners had purchased the products or services promoted by the host of the podcast. Hence, potential listeners can be converted into potential customers, just be consistent and honest to your work.

Generates Extra Income:

You can earn handsome money with your podcast while you start loving this podcast thing. You will become the voice of your brand or service. The podcast industry is growing with the higher penetration of internet services in the remotest parts of the world. It is going to boom in the coming years.

To build more brand authority among the audience, try to catch on with all social media platforms from blog to podcast. You can combine your podcast with a dedicated blog or website to ensure more accessibility to your potential and targeted customers. Podcasts can do wonders to promote brand awareness among the audience across the demographics. 



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