How to transform your LinkedIn profile into marketing tool?

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LinkedIn, indeed is a very effective recruiting platform, however, you can also market your services and establish yourself as an authority in your niche, using LinkedIn. Below are a few steps to follow, if you want to transform your LinkedIn profile into a marketing tool.

1. Your Profile Headline:

Don’t just include your employment position in your profile, instead include some interesting details, which will make the reader want to know more about you. You could use some keywords in your headline, pertaining to your niche, which will be indexed by LinkedIn as well as Google. In a nutshell, the headline should be such that it reflects your confidence as a professional and the prospective client should be convinced that you are the best choice for their project.

2. Custom Header:

Adding a custom header in your LinkedIn profile is a good way to attract maximum number of views to your profile. LinkedIn offers designer headers to the members. Initially, these headers were available to the premium account holders, however, soon they were made available to everyone.

3. Use LinkedIn’s Rich Media Feature:

With the help of LinkedIn’s Rich Media feature, you can upload videos, graphics, PDFs etc . People love visual interpretations and also they help in boosting the brand identity of your LinkedIn profile as well.

4. Add a Personal Touch :

It’s true that LinkedIn is a professional social networking site, however it’s always a good idea to add some personal information about yourself for the readers to know about you. Even a resume contains certain background information. Divulging some personal information will help in connecting better with your profile viewers.

5. Add your Credentials :

Remember to fill in the following 3 fields:
Educational Qualifications: Adding the names of college and university is a good way to prove that you are qualified enough.

Awards: If you have won any award or special mentions, brag about it a little. Let your profile readers know about your accomplishments. This will be a good way to add value to your profile.

Testimonials: Adding testimonial is a good way to make your profile more authentic. When your profile viewers read what the others have to say about your services, they will be more confident about hiring you for their project.

It’s time to use your LinkedIn profile as a marketing tool for your services. Get creative with your LinkedIn profile creation and stand out among the crowd. Don’t forget to add visual representation of your industry data as that will enhance your chance of impressing your prospective clients, to a large extent.


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