How to Improve User Experience on Your Website Using WordPress Plugins?

WordPress Plugins

Being a website owner, you always have to look out for different methods to make your website user friendly for your users and subscribers. Regardless of what you are selling or blogging about, user experience should be your number one concern. There is no point in having “Good” content or great offers on your WordPress blog if people can’t access it properly.

The best thing about owning a WordPress website is that it offers various plugins that can help you improve the user experience on your blog or website. Here are 5 useful WordPress plugins that will enhance your website’s user experience:

WP Reading Progress

If your WordPress blog has a lot of long articles, adding a reading progress bar can be helpful. It will help a user understand how much time they should invest in long articles. This plugin has the ability to depict the reading progress in article text. And will start from 0% even when some part of the text is visible to the users. It offers a good amount of customization as well.

You can choose the location of the progress bar according to your preferences, the options include top and bottom of the screen or you can also display the progress bar below a stick menu. The progress bar can be customized with different colors. You also have the ability to choose the type of post where this progress bar will show up.

Reading Time WP

Another great plugin that will help your users have a better experience on your website or blog. Reading time WP allows you to depict the total time a user might require to read the complete article on your WordPress blog. Keep in mind that the time shown to the user will be an estimated reading time for every single post.

Once you activate the plugin, it will be displayed at the beginning of your every blog post. Additionally it also offers a few customization which includes adding a label or post-fix, which can be accessed using the reading time settings option.

WP Rocket

There is no point in having a huge amount of quality content on your WordPress website if it doesn’t load properly. People don’t like to wait for a long time for a page to load and usually move on to a different website. This can negatively impact your website;s traffic. Hence it is best to optimize your website using a performance plugin such as WP Rocket.

Although WP Rocket is a premium plugin, it offers a good amount of features apart from just caching pages of your WordPress website. But if you would like to go with a free alternative, you can use WP fastest Cache, W3 Total Cache, Cache Enabler and so on. Just make sure that you have gone through the users reviews as well, to make sure you are investing in a good plugin.

Blackout: Dark Mode Widget

It is no secret that dark mode is one of the best features that a user can ask from a website. Being able to use a website or read a blog at night without hunting your eyes is what most users prefer. If you have a website that has bright colors, consider adding a dark mode plugin.

Blackout: Dark Mode Widget is a great plugin that offers you all of the above. It’s a simple solution that offers your readers a toggle to choose between dark and normal mode. Once you enable this plugin, it will create a widget or a toggle on your website for users to enable/disable dark mode.

WPFront Scroll Top

Scrolling through pages for information can be tedious, especially when you have long articles or blogs on your website. Offering a “Scroll to Top” option to users will definitely improve their experience on your site. A plugin such as this allows a user to go back to the top of a blog post or a page with just a click of a button.

Even though a lot of WordPress themes now offer this feature as in built, if you are not using one of these themes, or have a custom theme, you can install WPFront Scroll Top plugin for free. This plugin will let you add a back to top button on your website. 

You can customize the text or the icon of the button as per your preference. It also offers you the ability to hide it on smaller devices where users don’t have much screen real estate for better content visibility.


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