Instagram Adds Dark Mode and Removes Following Tab

instagram updates

In its latest update Instagram has officially launched a new dark mode option for iOS 13 and Android 10 and ditched the “Following” tab in the activity feed. 

Instagram Dark Mode

Instagram Dark Mode
Instagram Dark Mode

As you can see in the image the new dark mode switches Instagram to a black background, making it easier on your eyes in low light conditions and give better battery backup.

Instagram Removes “Following” Tab

Instagram’s “Following” tab in activity feed which used to show likes, comments, follows of your friends has been removed by the photo-sharing app. Now the activity feed will only show your own activity.

Following tab was launched back in 2011 and was the best way to discover new content, since it would show you things your friends were liking. Now that place has taken by the “Explore” tab as the primary means of discovering new stuff on Instagram.


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