Instagram for Celebrities, How Effective?


Instagram, the leading photo sharing app is undoubtedly one of the favourite social media platforms for celebrities. Today, almost every star has an active Instagram account, through which they share their pictures every day. The pictures vary from portrait shots, to their new look which probably they are sporting for their upcoming movie, family pictures etc.

Celebrity and their Brand

Over time, Instagram has proven to be an effective medium to establish a brand value. Keeping this in mind, today, every celebrity has an Instagram profile, which makes them more reachable to their fans and followers.

Create a Hype about the Upcoming Movie

A movie star can use to create an awareness of his upcoming movie. Using pictures, along with proper hashtags and caption, they are able to arouse the viewers’ interest in the movie. This will definitely help in the movie pre-launch. The ardent fans love to know a little more about the celebrities they idol worship. So, with constant Instagram upgrades, they get to see a little more of their favourite celebrities.

Managing Instagram Accounts

Mostly, the PR assistants of the celebrities handle the Instagram accounts and the rest of their social media accounts. They take care of the posts , caption and hashtags that go live publicly. These PR assistants or the social media managers have a challenging task at hand. They are responsible for creating the online identity for the celebrities.

A lot of times that celebrity selfies that we see on Instagram and get excited might not be that impromptu shot, after all. It could very well be an orchestrated and well thought out photoshoot. Ofcourse, the celebrities cant take the risk of putting up any random pictures. Especially, if the celebrities belong to the fashion or movie industry, the pictures go through proper scrutiny before going public. If required, the pictures are edited and made flawless before going live on Instagram.

In India, we see almost every young celebrity are active on Instagram. It is one of the best media for them to develop a relationship with their fans. With the attractive pictures on Instagram, they aim at engaging the maximum number of their fans and thereby, increasing their overall popularity.

So, if a celebrity wants to increase his or her fan base, Instagram is definitely the most effective platform to use.



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