LinkedIn Introduces 3 New Ad Objectives in Campaign Manager

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LinkedIn introduced three new ad objectives as options in Campaign Manager: brand awareness, website conversions and job applicants.

In their announcement, LinkedIn explains the reason for this update is to help marketers achieve their more complex business goals. “You’ve shared with us that one of your biggest marketing challenges is ensuring your campaigns can meet increasingly complex business goals… Our latest version of Campaign Manager is the next step in our effort to give you the tools you need to create campaigns and measure their impact.”

New Linkedin Ad Objectives

Brand awareness:

Selecting brand awareness as a campaign objective will charge you by impressions (e.g. cost per thousand or CPM). This type of campaign will help you get in front of a broader audience, hopefully increasing “brand awareness.”

Website conversions:

This tool has multiple layers; you can see how many people viewed your ad, how many clicked through and how many took action (conversion rate). If you select website conversions, you will only be charged when someone clicks through to your landing page. 

Job applicants:

LinkedIn Talent Solutions customers who are trying to drive applications on LinkedIn or their own site, can now create ads using Campaign Manager.  



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