Rohit Manglik - Founder EduGorilla

The Lessons from Rohit Manglik That Teach Us a World on Entrepreneurship

Children of today are the most pampered and yet the smartest of all their earlier generations. Demanding and ordering anything of their...
Spoil me silly- Sonali Awasthi

Sonali Awasthi’s Spoil Me Silly!- A Tale Of 6-Yards Of Modern Ethnicity And Sheer...

Alessandro Michele once said that, “The way you dress is an expression of your personality”.
AI MAgnifi

AIMagnifi is on a mission to disrupt the offline retail sector through their 360°...

Background The Indian Retail market is estimated to be of $672 Billion and is one of the top five retail markets across the world. The...

Story of a Healthcare aggregator revolutionizing the healthcare industry- HealWell24

Healwell24 is a home healthcare aggregator and an internet of healthcare things (IOHT). We are developing a holistic ecosystem for healthcare where...
farm tree

Checkout “FarmTree” for Dairy Farm Management: Driven by Analytics, Powered by Automation ; only...

Farmers are considered to be the backbone of the Indian society. They work hard day in and day out so as to make the...
sula vineyard

Sula Vineyards: The Pioneers of Sustainable Wine Tourism in the country

Sula Vineyards, India’s largest and most awarded wine brand is pioneering Sustainable Tourism in Asia. The brand, over the years, has just...

Pune Power Couple builds an Innovative Software Solution Empire on a Global Scale

Born and raised in India, Yogesh Khandelwal and Leena Madan, an Indian-American entrepreneur couple has achieved the heights of success in the...

This Health-Tech Start-Up Is Helping To Make The Lives of Medical Travelers Easier

The Growth of Medical Travel Industry Medical travel as an industry is growing at an exponential pace with people increasingly choosing to go...

Coffee Addicts Unite, Here’s a cup that never lets your drink go cold!

How many times it has happened that we order our coffee or tea at a restaurant and it gets cold, and we ask the waiter...

Electricity cut-outs? Look out at the solution on Catapooolt and fund “Thermos Energia”

Have you ever wondered producing electricity on your own and paying no bills for it? Seems impossible? Well, it is not! A startup named...

Publicis Media India recently certified as equal pay organizations by KPMG.

Publicis Communications India and Publicis Media India were recently certified as equal pay organizations by KPMG. Publicis India's Twitter profile posted a...

Women On The Rise – The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has long been a predominantly male-centric field, but that trend is slowly giving way to a rise in female employees. It...