The Lessons from Rohit Manglik That Teach Us a World on Entrepreneurship

Rohit Manglik - Founder EduGorilla

Children of today are the most pampered and yet the smartest of all their earlier generations. Demanding and ordering anything of their liking by simply tapping over the screens of their smartphones transits into the cause for the former. Similarly, they are expertly familiar with the functional uses of their modern mobile devices of communication, credits for the latter.

These Pampers Don’t Blur

But, even only a decade ago, things were not this easy, leave mentioning the decades prior to it! Extending the same context as brought above, you just can’t contrast today’s still-developing ease with the ‘more demanding’ tasks of yore. Then, though you could make a call (and also view the advertisements of your demands and orders) from easily ownable 2G- and GPRS-enabled  bar phones, and consequently order your favored pizza and ‘Happy Meals,’ you couldn’t preview the specifications and details of your much-coveted wish over those gadgets as you can now execute with the comfortable, easy, fast-paced, 4G-, and Internet-enabled and yet affordable smartphones of today.

The Tales of Fun through This Intrusion

Then, it was the time of 2016, when an Indian telecom company, an organization that, prior to the development we will be talking in the following lines, vegetated in the oblivion. This reorganizer was none other than the Jio Telecom. The company, grabbing up the great lucrative moment, sprang up and offered the greater lucrative marvel of 4G technology in mobile communication, to the Indian smartphone users which, till then, were using 3G technology based mobile phones and quite costly data and internet as well.

This development ushered a sea-change in the ways common Indian smartphone users availed their devices- by the “simply calling, quite-less and even no-internet” mode, predominantly. Extend all thanks to the paltriness that the 4G-enabled marvel of Jio Telecom brought, in the sphere of price, primarily, and the brilliance, in the quality, secondarily, with it. The same Indian consumer, as a result, began to use his/her once extremely high-priced data, by the revised rate of as low as Rs. 11 for each GB. From Q3 of 2016 to the Q2 of 2017, the average cost for each GB of data massively slashed down by a whopping 48%, as per the Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report of 2017.

The Shunt That Provides Improvement

And, probably providentially, it was Rohit Manglik, the Founder, and CEO of, an edtech startup, who was destined to metamorphose the sphere of education in India, only for its betterment. Though till yet, the sphere of education in India, and particularly the school education, is traditional in its execution with its heavy reliance on the “chalk-and-talk” approach, the same epoch of 2016 witnessed Rohit’s own endeavor of providing the help, in transforming THE things in education, only for more of its well-being.

The Story of the Solution

And, the story behind Rohit’s help through is equally rifted with the challenges as mentioned above. When a student, and as he didn’t have any means to contrast various facilities and services, Rohit Manglik faced challenges in making a viable choice at every juncture- from picking the right school, college, and university to selecting the right coaching institute, study material, and a host of other education-related dilemmas.

Later, having equipped himself with a degree of graduation in technology from the renowned National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Karnataka, and worked with some of the top-notch jewels of MNCs like Morgan Stanley, Oracle, and the D E Shaw Group, Rohit mustered courage to dilute hardships of his younger counterparts- the students, particularly those studying at numerous schools at every nook and corner of India.

Hence, in the moment of December 2016, by giving birth to, Rohit schemed to provide solutions to the above-mentioned hardships of students by providing services as effective as, career counselling and guidance; informative and educating writeups on every phase of student-life- from tips and tricks to conduct smart studies, picking up the best offline study resources, making right career moves, figuring out one’s personality, choosing the right study program in the best college/university one can land upon, giving the first-ever job interview, and the others (including assessments) of the subsequent ‘in-service’ genres; mostly free and downloadable study-resources through its blog; a portal entertaining study-/education-related discussions among various stakeholders like students, principals, educationists, et al; a massive directory of schools and coaching institutes spread across the nation numbering to more than 8,57,000 of them; and many more.

On an Ending Note

Though, only time will record and measure the impact of Rohit Manglik’s endeavor, the beginning has been made. This is that of lacing India’s children with the resources that are available through the cheapest, the easiest, and the fastest ways. As the Internet now is the most popular medium to transmit and receive each other’s thoughts, let’s raise toasts to the ventures like these. So, till the next meeting, it’s goodbye to dear readers!


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