SecureBlocks: Adopt Blockchain with SecureBlocks


SecureBlocks is a bootstrapped Indian Blockchain organization which is started by 3 friends/ co-founders: Satyam Agrawal, Aniket, and Vikas Panwar. All three are from different cities, met in one organization and came together to lead the Blockchain industry.

SecureBlocks is the brand name of registered company Cqurelab IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. In a very short timespan of 4-5 months, we build a great team of 11-15 developers along with the global clientele. We are still looking to hire some enthusiastic mind and dynamic talent.

 SecureBlocks has provided secure and comprehensive Blockchain solutions to various companies like, WandX, RPToken, Public Reputation Network,, BlockApps, Tuurnt etc. We developed ICOs, exchanges, wallets, DApps and also did research and provided consulting to our clients. We entered in partnership with some of them.

 Along with the services, we are also looking to come up with a product based on Blockchain which is helpful to masses and non-technical people too. We are in the requirement gathering phase, soon we will start development on it and will come with the POC (Proof-of-Concept).

 The Motto of SecureBlocks is to make the Blockchain available and easy to adopt by a large number of people. To solve this purpose, it is essential to know their thoughts and views on it. For this, understanding of Blockchain is the prior need. Keeping this in mind, SecureBlocks has also initiated one education venture named “SecureBlocks Academy” where they educate the willing people. SecureBlocks Academy is focused to provide conceptual and developmental knowledge of Blockchain related technologies.

SecureBlocks has a great vision. They are looking to find out all the ethical use cases of Blockchain along with the cryptocurrency and get them implemented. Obviously, they will build some of them by themselves and will provide their services to other companies to implement theirs. 


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