Coffee Addicts Unite, Here’s a cup that never lets your drink go cold!


How many times it has happened that we order our coffee or tea at a restaurant and it gets cold, and we ask the waiter to reheat the drink or simply drink it cold, but in any case, the coffee or tea loses its taste.

Four caffeine addicts have come together and designed a mug called pyali and it keeps your coffee or tea hot to whatever temperature you prefer. You just set the temperature you love and she will keep the drink at your temperature to your last sip no matter the time taken to drink it.

How does it work?

Pyali is a simple ceramic mug, just like your coffee mug. The difference is it is accompanied by a coaster which perfectly partners with its operation. Just pour your coffee or tea, whether it’s hot or cold, and set the temperature you prefer at voila! In its operation, pyali ensures that the drink poured stays at the same temperature set by the user, no matter the time taken to finish the drink.


What about the deterioration of taste?

When our coffee or tea is getting cold at the same time it is also getting oxidized which results in deterioration of taste but with pyali you won’t experience it again because pyali always keeps your drink hot continuously which limits oxidation of your coffee or tea and you get to drink it always fresh.

 We researched about many cup warmers in the market, what differentiates pyali from others is its ability to control the desired temperature and to keep your drink at that exact temperature till your last sip says Akash Bhargava.

Who developed it?

Pyali is developed by 4 engineers who fell in love with coffee & tea in college, particularly how much coffee/tea had helped them during the last day exam cram-up. Remembering those good times the four friends came together to start this company.

After taking a year to develop the technology, filing a patent for it, the team has launched the product, hoping fellow caffeine addicts will appreciate it.

The pyali team had to become empathetic with coffee and tea drinkers while deciding upon every feature and functionality said Sarang Atri

 Belonging to middle-class families with almost no ties to business, the entire journey was a new experience for the team, working with their savings & bootstrapping the project entirely.

Setting up manufacturing for pyali has been the most daunting task for us, we had to research about different manufacturing processes and tools to perfectly design pyali at a large scale to bring its costs down, but hopefully, we have succeeded and are confident that our customers will appreciate pyali said Priyankar Das & Abhyant Rawat


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