Little Black Book: Founder, Funding, Business Model And Competitors


Little Black Book’s Orbit

“An online melange from food to fashion and more with a click ahead.”

Little Black Book or popularly called as LBB, India’s largest online platform to discover shops from independent brands and retailers offering a word of mouth-driven marketing. From food to fashion everything can be found in the platform.

LBB become the fastest growing local discoveries and recommendations space from the evangelistic customers and personal discovery from the startup. The platform is avail on web ( and app(

The uncommon idea that made LBB stand out is bringing melange of things to one common space. The online startup platform missioned to care for the company’s core values like making every zealous individual to promote their company being as an owner, not a renter; making every user stay curious about the shops, restaurants and more by creating hustle every day sharing the greatness in every product and cuisines.

Meaty details about the startup before you click to discover

The Little Black Book is incepted in 2012 but started its operations in 2013 at New Delhi by Suchita Salwan who founded the LBB when she found herself in the Capital city looking for things to do over the weekends. Suchita is an economics graduate from Delhi worked previously with Wizcraft and BBC Entertainment India. The Delhite feels that LBB is a document for many to get inspired and discover the local shops, food, and brands with her recommendations.

Suchita in search of a partner who should be a tech-savvy to lead the startup so then came along Dhruv Mathur, also the co-founder of LBB. Dhruv is an entrepreneur is a graduate from Carnegie Mellon worked in Deloitte before coming to India.

Business Model

LBB curates recommendations across miscellaneous things supporting unique local discoveries in a new format. The evolution raised from existing listing-based models and uses content as a centric point drive audiences to local places, enterprises, and experiences.

Suchita proves that urban consumers want to pull themselves from traditional Yelp-esque listing and aggregator platforms who seek more than just event and food discoveries. The company aims to draw a highly engaged and sticky audience.

The Delhi-startup partners with a small to medium brands locally and as well global brands looking to join with a local audience including Airbnb, Nestle, Coca-Cola, HTC and Samsung.


LBB raised a total of $2.3M. IDG Ventures, Blume Ventures, Indian Angel Network where some of the investors to the startup. On Oct 4, 2017, Blume Ventures raised 65M alone in the funding round. It raised $1.2M from IDG and Indian Angel Network.

The annual revenue of the company is estimated to be around $1M. Advertising is the prime revenue generator for the company. Interestingly, the company saw the stunning 500% growth between March and December 2015.


Nearify, nearfox,, and eatable are the leading competitors to the LBB.

The unique factor is that it reaches audience vastly and engage them in search and discover the local enigmas of unknown places, highly recommended places, local experiences and much more made the platform to be the most used base for many users.

LBB’s all over the places!

LBB, a local discovery platform has its presence all over the places be it food, fashion, events, travel, lifestyle, shopping and much more where you can discover and advertise and sell on the innovative platform. It acts as an online guide to many questions to know what is the best food, place, fashion? And lot more. The startup mostly targets the audience across the area of interests and age groups between 18-35-year-olds.

Suchita started LBB with three colleagues and a pack of interns in Delhi now, the discovery-based app is available for Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and Kolkata. In a short period, they scaled up to 2.5 million monthly users, with over 50,000 businesses listed.

Little Black Book plans to expand its venture overseas including Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Malaysia gunning a similar demographic as it does in India.

Now, no need to worry about finding your interested area, Little Black Book do it for you.


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