Management Quota System In MBA colleges

Management quota system in MBA colleges

With the increasing MBA aspirants every year, the number of colleges and institutes coming up with these courses are also increasing. These colleges are creating a platform where the students can learn, explore and get practical real-time experience. They are trained and groomed in all the major areas of the business to be the future entrepreneurs. The MBA course stresses on the individual development, ability to think and put things in a creative and innovative way keeping the cost in consideration as this is how businesses usually work.

The MBA is a two-year program, in some institutes and colleges it a maximum of three to four years. The students are exposed to a various aspect of management along with getting the opportunity to specialize in various subjects that are a part of management and business.

MBA procedure in India

  • The MBA colleges are usually affiliated to a university board. That’s the reason only universities offer MBA courses and colleges are tied up with universities.
  • Colleges go with different entrance level exams. While some go with state exam like ICET in Hyderabad, they also go with All India level entrance exams like GRE, GMAT and CAT.
  • These colleges keep a base cut-off percentage in order to filter out the students who have performed well in the exam. The admission is given to those who are above the cut-off level. In India, not all the cities abide by this cut-off percentage concept, but some cities mainly like Delhi majorly go with this method to give admissions even at the graduate level too. So it becomes very much essential to crack the exam.
  • Based on the marks the students are shortlisted and further rounds are taken to minimize the count to the number of seats that are available for a specific course.

With this kind of procedure in place, it becomes difficult for the section of students who don’t secure a good score. The score cutoff is really high as close as 80 to 90%. So even a 60% student or 75% scored student will lose out his or her seat. Due to limited seats and more students of lower score willing to take admission into a specific college, the concept of management quota has come in place. You should be familiar with this term when it comes to professional courses like Medicine and Engineering where students are provided admission on the basis of management quota as a result of their low ranks.

Management quota system in MBA colleges

With the current trend, all the colleges that have a good flow of admissions have divided the admission into two categories. One is the regular mode where the students are selected on merit basis and the other one is through management quota. This also provides an opportunity for the college to earn well. So many colleges are keeping 10% of the admissions apart for management quota.

Management quota system in MBA colleges


While some colleges go for management quota in a very transparent way, some secure the same in the name of college fee while all the things are already discussed in oral. Due to this concept, many of the students skip their college studies as they are not able to afford for the same.

Management quota system in MBA colleges

What can be done to avoid management quota?

The colleges need to reconsider reducing the cut-off level percentage on the entrance exams so that the other students can also get a fair admission. In India, the parents pamper the kids even after they are grown up. Even if they struggle, they want their kid to be safe and happy. So they neglect the point that what they are doing is wrong by going with management quota. They need to realize and stop encouraging management quota.

The government needs to take a step forward to stop the management quota. Since all the colleges at least are governed by the national regulatory body at the final level, it’s their responsibility to get things back on the track where education can be afforded at a normal cost.

With this information, we are sure that you are now very much aware of the concept management quota and be one among those who will make an effort to stop it from your end.

Management Quota System In MBA colleges



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