Micromax Co-founder Rahul Sharma Launch Out An AI-Enabled Revolt Motorcycle

Micromax Rahul Sharma launches AI-based Motor cycle

Micromax’s Rahul Sharma has ventured into the electric vehicle enterprise called Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. Ltd with a launch of an AI-based motorcycle.

The new venture by Rahul Sharma is started with his personal investment around Rs.400 to Rs.500 Crores. With this venture, he aims to make India have access to sustainable mobility by making it affordable, and personal mobility practical.

The official launch of the motorcycle is slated for June 2019. The electric motorcycle can rev up in a range of 156.8 km at a speed of 85km/hr.

Rahul Sharma stated that,

“We are working on the premise of making intelligent vehicles that don’t compromise on the form factor and performance of ICE vehicles. To this, we added our tech prowess, and our ambition is to replace them completely.”

A 100K square ft. Manufacturing facility of the company is located in Manesar, Haryana. The production capacity of 120K vehicles has been ordered for Phase 1.

The exciting thing about the Revolt is that it would be setting up its own charging infrastructure as soon as it starts kicking off the products.

The new enterprise plans to have a disruptive go-to-market strategy, where Revolt follows online and offline models. The first phase of the launch will start from Delhi-NCR. As of now, the company is working on a 4G LTE service.


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