Money-back, even after a week of buying a car? Truebil brings the ‘ultimate’ offer to car buyers on its platform


Customers are given money-back guarantee, provided the car is returned within 7 days of the purchase, driven under 200km and in original condition

From clothes, home décor to electronics, now trying out your dream car for a week, with the assurance of getting your money back is now a reality! Truebil, India’s leading auto tech company has announced the launch of its money-back guarantee, a first of its kind offer. This will augment customer experience by providing flexibility and 100% assurance to buyers who are often sceptical while making heavy investments.

Under this offer, buyers will have a whole week to test-drive the car as part of their daily routines and see if it meets their needs. If for any reason, the buyer is not satisfied with the car, they will be able to get a full refund on their purchase amount. All they have to do is make sure the car is returned within 7 days from the date of purchase and has been driven under 200km. Additionally, they must ensure that none of the car parts have been damaged or replaced, i.e. they should be returned in the same condition that they were received in.

Speaking on the launch of the new offer, Shubh Bansal, Co-Founder, Truebil said, “Despite the sluggish growth in the automobile industry over the last few quarters, the used car market has continued to witness accelerated growth and is now booming. With the introduction of our first-of-its-kind money-back-guarantee, we aim to increase the transparency and credibility in our relationship with our customers to propel further growth. The offer will give our customers a unique opportunity to experience the cars first-hand for a week before their final decision. We believe that this move will help our customers to make better-informed decisions and encourage more people to choose our platform for a seamless buying experience.”

Shubh Bansal, CoFounder, TrueBil
Shubh Bansal, CoFounder, TrueBil

Currently a leading online retailer for used cars in India, Truebil has been able to effectively tap into consumer needs by leveraging cutting-edge technology for its service offerings. The company has been able to seamlessly integrate online to offline channels through its full-stack model, Truebil Direct. At present, it operates in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi with plans in place for further expansion, both within these cities as well across other parts of the country. With an array of unique services pertaining to used or pre-owned cars, Truebil is able to provide customers with flexible and innovative solutions that enhance their overall car buying and selling experience.


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