Pinterest Marks 265 Million Active Monthly Users!

Pinterest users base increases to 265 million

Pinterest, a visual bookmarking platform has recently released its updated stats showing that it has immensely increased its user base to 265 million monthly active users.

The collection and storage tool might not have an equal level of following like Facebook and Instagram, but Pinterest is pushing itself for initial public offering. Back in September, it reported the user base stats increased around 250 million.

Overall, it has pinned an additional 15 Million users on to its platform. According to the latest update, Pinterest users base is ahead of Snapchat- a multimedia messaging app, and behind the number base of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Pinterest launched in March 2010 by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra. The company that is considered as ‘catalog of ideas’ has a decent and significant stand among the social channels. It has made brands grow opportunities by attracting a lot of consumers, who are shopping spree in search for the products and a lot more stuff where one can lean on the ideas, DIY and much more.

It is observed that 90% of the Pinners use the platform to decisions on purchasing products via Pinterest, and the rough 78% of Pinners derive content from the brands on the helpful tool.

Users or Pinners with the help of the tool can pin the recommendations based on the images and can save it for the later purchases from the website where a link is added in Pinterest. This might be the reason why social media users choose Pinterest as an essential tool.

Pinterest still might not be the effecting factor for some users, but looking at the statistics and the growing features in it may be considered a worth checking platform that is useful in multitude ways to improve one’s business and opportunities.


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