Positive as Well as Negative Aspects of Pinterest Marketing in 2022


The social marketing sites have become highly popular in the world of Internet. They permit connection through pictures, words, videos and sounds sitting at any corner of the world. Among all, Pinterest is the major players with more than millions of users. It has also caught the attention of marketers.


Pinterest is among those social photo sharing websites which permit image pinning to the virtual board so that they get noticed and easily get shared among marketers. But the B2B marketers are on the way of adopting this channel which does not assure any guarantee of success and failure. It is high time to consider the associated pros and cons of Pinterest marketing in 2015 in a nutshell.

Pros Associated with Pinterest Marketing in 2015

Some positive aspects associated with Pinterest Marketing in 2015 can be mentioned in a nutshell as under:

Easy usage It is glad to notice that Pinterest is both easy to navigate and use. It is considered to be among the best marketing strategy for the newcomers hence making the files easy to access with the help of a simple click hence sharing pins liked.


Generating referral traffic Traffic generation is the main motive associated with a successful marketing. More the traffic generated, higher chances of fetching success in the market.


Visual content As Pinterest is purely a photo sharing base, uploading of an outstanding picture of product and service by sellers may be considered to be the best marketing strategy. Inclusion of information about the store into the caption of picture and promoting pins to other boards can be done easily.


Market research Apart from providing opportunities regarding market exposure, it will be providing a good platform for market research for enhancing the strategies related to advertising. One can easily interact with regular members of Pinterest.


Ideal choice for artistic exposure Pinterest can be considered to be an ideal place for getting artistic exposure to business related to architecture, fashion design and other creative industries through online mode. Keeping the posts and content original and eye catching will be a good idea.



Search Engine Ranking As the stored links are considered to be inbound to the respective site, they will contribute in enhancing the rank of search engine. As maximum clients are female, Pinterest can be considered to be the best path to reach customers.

Cons Associated with Pinterest Marketing in 2015

After getting to know about the positive aspects, it is high time to learn the opposite ones. Cons associated with Pinterest marketing in 2015 can be highlighted as under:

Issues related to Copyright There are chances of prevailing copyright issues regarding the images owned. This concern has been reported by many legal users.


Large number of women users In case the demographic target is not related to women, then there exists very few chances for fetching high success in Pinterest marketing. No suitable images related to guy interests can be found here.


Not totally oriented to business Repeated pinning may not assist the business marketing as the link to the site may get lost. The focus is often on lifestyle contents like fashion, recipes etc.


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