Quirq Station – India’s first omnichannel marketplace for artists

quirk station

Are you a soul who hunts for something unique? Do you shop till you drop? Then we have something in store for you!

quirk station

Quirq Station is a one-of-kind place that blends fun with a pop of colours founded by Santosh Jagtap and Sourabh Arora. Outspoken, brazen and unabashed, these set of adjectives pretty much describes what Quirq Station is all about. Started in 2017, we stand as an omnichannel marketplace providing an online and offline platform to artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs. Powering up the nutty geniuses is what fuels us. We have nothing but all things bright ranging from home decor stuff to stationery to fashion and we promise you none of these are mass-produced. All the products are handmade, crafted with lots of passion and love.


To start with, every story has a beginning. Our logo screams fun! How do you say? Pinwheels symbolise our carefree childhood which was handmade by our parents or ourselves. We are also big suckers of stories and all things bright and unique. To bring back the joy of authenticity and some quirkiness in your mundane life, we bring the whimsical world at your doorstep. And chances are high that you won’t find these beauties anywhere else. There are two stores currently in Banglore one is Indiranagar and other in Church street, Brigade road. We plan to expand to all major cities in India soon.

What makes us different

Be it hoarding hundreds of notebooks in your drawer or collecting unique things, the store is adorned with all things quirky and colourful. As you take a stroll in the shop, you will find yourself wanting to buy everything (even though you don’t actually need them). The shop is totally meant for people who like an unusual hint in usual things. It has products ranging from witty magnets to quirky notebooks to funky bags and T-shirts. If you want to say what’s on your mind? Then you can say it better with Quirq Station. There are funny notebooks, T-shirts printed with funny one-liners and bags that are all about puns. You could also reflect your preppy personality with Quirq Station’s range of home decor products. They include wall paintings, mugs, hangings, cushion covers, candles and everything else under the sun. Learn the knack of making ordinary look extraordinary because there is no shortage of style and make your home ‘my kinda place’.

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There is also a cluster of jewellery meant for the fashionistas out there The collection shimmers with contemporary styles for the cosmopolitan men and women. You could add an extra dose of sophistication to your workwear to maximise your outfit or a dash of bling for that special occasion. These jewellery pieces promote personality while bestowing colours and a dash of glamour. To sum up, the store showcases handcrafted products from over 150 artists all over India and internationally including Styletadka, Alicia Souza, Soxey toes, Pin it up, Doodlee Do and many more. 

 So clearly it’s time to upgrade all things quirky and add a dash of fun with lots of colours in your personal space. 


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