Reddit Bans Misleading Content On Their Platform

Reddit Ban

Yet another risk of deepfakes, that could spread more misinformation, have surfaced on Reddit. And the platform has taken a big step to ban such sort of content on Reddit. Reddit recently updated their guidelines, mentioning they’ll be banning content from users that might be related to deepfakes.

Reddit explained the situation:

We’ve been doing significant work on site integrity operations as we move into 2020 to ensure that we have the appropriate rules and processes in place to handle bad actors who are trying to manipulate Reddit, particularly around issues of great public significance, like elections. To this end, we thought it was time to update our policy on impersonation to better cover some of the use cases that we have been seeing and actioning under this rule already, as well as guard against cases we might see in the future.

All three platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Google, are doing research and taking steps to deal with the same issue. Last week Facebook also announced they’ll be banning video that contains manipulating content for its user base.

Though this issue of deepfakes isn’t as big as it seems to us, the way platforms are taking swift action on the same, makes you feel like it might become one in the near future.


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