Role of Twitter in Social Media Marketing


Over time, twitter has proven to be the leader when it comes to real time social media marketing. Even though, almost every brand these days is aware of the power of twitter, yet, most fail to chalk out the correct twitter strategy in their marketing mix. So, how can twitter help a brand in social media marketing?

Twitter account can be used to create  Brand Awareness:

In this digital age, which brand doesn’t its content to go viral on the Internet.  By going viral, a company or a brand to reach out to millions of people, in just a few minutes. However, it’s not very easy to go viral on the net. First and foremost, the content has to be really compelling, in order to be shareable and secondly, the content has to be posted to the right channels. Twitter can help a brand to a great extent in reaching out to the maximum number of target audience. The retweet feature can work wonders in spreading out your company news and create your brand awareness. Twitter has proven its worth by making several news go viral, before any other news resources.

Twitter drives Customer Engagement:

Twitter has a huge global reach. The main purpose of this micro blogging site is to engage as many people as possible with quick and constant flow of information. The RT feature can help big time in fan engagement. Also, because of its high speed, twitter is highly popular.

Twitter boosts Search Engine Ranking:

When a piece of content from a particular company goes viral, the website receives tons of unique views. This increases the search engine page rank of the website.

Twitter for Market Research and Analysis:

A company can conduct market surveys using their twitter profile. Twitter can be used to understand consumer behaviour and accordingly, a company decide what works in their niche, if there is any market gap, which they can fill in. Twitter , being an interactive platform, companies can ask direct questions to their target consumers. Also, the brands can review their own twitter activities and analyse what works in favour of their company and what do not work. Based on such analyse, they can either leverage on their past or existing twitter campaigns, or make improvisations, if required.

Twitter for Customer Service:

Twitter can be used as the two way communication channel to answer to customer queries. This is a popular tool among marketer, brand controllers and customer care executives for fixing customer service issues, openly in public. Twitter helps in resolving problems and establishing a positive brand identity by attending to customer queries and needs at light speed. With Twitter as your customer service channel, a company can successfully drive its brand loyalty and in a much cost efficient way.


Recently, Twitter has launched a new feature for mobile users, which displays more context of the hottest trending topics. It shows information like when the topic started trending first and how tweets and retweets are there about the same topic.  The ‘Highlights’ feature of Twitter provides the snapshots of the best tweets. Twitter regularly updates their existing features and launches new ones just to improve the casual users’ twitter experience. They aim to become an indispensable part of one’s daily digital routine.

With over 645,750,000-Number of active registered Twitter users and an estimated 9,100-Number of tweets every SECOND, if a company is not on Twitter yet, it surely is missing out on a lot. In order to take advantage of the full potential of the twitterverse, strike the right balance in your twitter strategy with the current developmental features of the platform and your target audience involvement.




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