Snapchat’s New Lens Experience that Raises Awareness About WHO’s Efforts

COVID Snap Lens

This week Snapchat has launched its new lens experience that is built to spread awareness of WHO’s efforts towards fighting COVID -19. The lens uses Snapchat’s advance image recognition system, which comes up with a WHO visual whenever you scan a note of your currency.

Users will be able to scan a note from their region with the help of a Snap camera that’ll show them a 3D animation above the note. To know more about the information offered on the screen, users can click the ‘More’ button whenever they want, which should take them to an information screen on WHO’s website where they can donate towards the fight against COVID-19.

This might be an interesting wat of utilizing the rising trends within the app. Snapchat recently revealed that they have seen an almost 50% rise in the number of users and video calls on the platform amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Other than an increase in the total number of people on the platform, the average time for a session has also increased as much as 25%.

Snapchat is among those platforms who have the potential to limit the spread of COVID-19 since it caters to a lot of younger audiences. Though there are reports that explain youngsters might not be that susceptible to COVID-19 as much as older citizens but they can still carry it and spread among other people without knowing about it.


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