Top 25 Social Media Active Companies in India


Indian companies have a very positive feeling about the power of social media channels and that is why, they are appointing specialised social media managers for boosting their brand’s visibility. Over the past few years, effective social media marketing has proven to generate quality leads for a company and has helped different brands in building relationships with their client base. Below are some of the renowned Indian brands that actively engage in social media marketing.

1. Flipkart

flipkart-social-media-active-companyWe see flipkart promotions everywhere. They actively participate in social media marketing and have successfully engaged a major chunk of loyal Indian customers. Apart from generic updates, brand promotions etc, they hold contests for their followers that encourages maximum customer participation.

2. Myntra

social-media-active-company-myntraMyntra is a leading ecommerce company in India. Their continual social media activities has helped them garner several repeat customers. Myntra’s treasure hunt social media campaign launched in March, 2014 was a huge success.

3. P&g India

p-and-g-india-social-media-active-companyP&g India is a social media savvy company that uses different social media channels for consumer engagement, employee motivation and stakeholder interest.

4. Uber Cabs

uber-cabs-social-media-active-companyThe general manager of Uber cabs, Mr. Gagan Bhatia, chose to opt for the social media platform like twitter for recruiting suitable candidates for the company.


5. Sony India

Sony India actively uses facebook ( with close to 70,000 fans ) and twitter ( with over 1000 followers) to interact with their customers and attend to their queries.

6. Coffee Café Day

ccd-social-media-active-companyThis renowned coffee conglomerate of India used social media channels to create a quiz for football fans during world cup 2014. Only Indians could participate in this contest and were required to follow coffee café day on twitter and use #CCDfootballquiz.

7.Tata Nano

tata-nano-social-media-active-companyTata Nano launched a social media campaign, geared towards the youth. It consisted of youth centric pictures and slogans. The campaign was a hit as it successfully reached to its target audience and the objectives of the campaign were fulfilled.

8. Samsung India

samsung-indiaSamsung India has different social media profiles for its different products. They actively use facebook and twitter for customer service as well. Apart from these two, they use LinkedIn and youtube for customer engagement and participation.

9. Godrej Consumer Products

godrejThey are catching up with digital marketing and has hired young digital marketers to launch their online marketing campaigns.

10. Colgate Palmolive

colgate-palmoliveColgate Palmolive has started investing considerable amount of their advertising budget behind social media marketing. They use various social media platforms to understand customers’ views and demands for their products.

11. Vodafone India

vodafone-social-media-active-companyVodafone India has a separate Vodafone India page and Vodafone zoozoos page, which is a fun activity based page. They use their twitter handle mostly for customer service.

12. PepsiCo India

pepsico-indiaPepsico India uses social media networking in their real time marketing strategy in order to develop relationship with their customers and enhance their brand equity.

13. American Express India

american-expressAmex India, makes use of Youtube channels to connect with the young talents of our country.

14. HCL Technologies

hcl-technologiesHCL technologies use facebook for niche hiring for segments like SAP, oracle etc.

15. Oreo India

oreo-indiaOreo India’s dunkathon social media campaign helped the company to bond with its customers better and helped them in positive branding with customer engagement through facebook app and twitter.

16. The ITC Grand Chola

itc-grand-cholaThe ITC grand chola actively participates in social media marketing. They garnered a lot of enthusiastic follower through their photography contest. They have a facebook app that directs the users to their microsite where they can upload their photographs.

17. Star Plus India

star-plus-indiaThey engaged in a lot of social media activities during the time when the ‘Mahabharata’ series was launched. The author of the series, mr. Devdutt Paitnaik was engaged in a twitter chat with the followers of the channel. Also, there was a social media game based on the series.

18. Kitkat India

kitkat-indiaKitkat launched a contest named #RichBreak and the participants had to answer questions asked by Kitkat. The winners received gift vouchers worth Rs.1000.

19. Trident hotels India

trident-hotels-indiaTrident Hotels India used a very unique social media marketing strategy. They invited people to spend a day in the hotel and avail every services using social media platforms. People used foursquare for check-ins, used Instagram for uploading pictures of the property and used twitter for sharing their experience. The campaign fetched over 1 million #tridentsocialhotel impressions on twitter.

20. is a growing tee-shirt brand in India. They extensively use the social media channels like facebook for getting maximum traffic to their website. The co-founder of the brand, Amey, has confirmed that social media works for their brand for creating awareness as well as for conversion.


21. Loreal Paris India

loreal-paris-indiaLoreal Paris India is pretty active on facebook and twitter for interactive marketing. Through these platforms, they encourage their fans and followers to share insights.

22. Shopper’s Stop

shoppers-stopShopper’s stop India after achieving 1 million fans on their facebook page , gave away exclusive coupon offers. The objective of this campaign was to engage more loyal customers.

23. Kolkata Knight Riders

kolkata-knight-ridersKolkata Knight riders have been actively using facebook by sharing pictures to keep their fans updated. They periodically hold contests on their page to maintain their fan engagement.

24. Maggi Noodles

maggi-noodlesMaggi Noodles India launched their Meri Maggi Facebook campaign for more customer engagement and building relationships.

25. Forbes India

forbes-indiaThey have an active Facebook page where they post regular updates and also monitor comments from their followers and reply to their queries.

We can rightfully predict that more companies will focus on social media marketing in the coming years and utilize its power to the maximum possible.



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