Social Media Strategy Review- Asian Paints


“Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai” I am sure this tagline would definitely remind you of something. You must have heard this tagline in commercials ads of a brand named Asian Paints. Therefore, it is worthwhile to study about the social media presence of this brand.a1Overall Strategy:

Asian Paints is all about colors and this can also be considered as the theme around which the social media strategy of this brand revolves. The second factor with which Asian Paints is associated is home decor. Therefore, we can also say that home decor and colors are the two pillars on which their activities on social media platforms are dependent on. Now let us move ahead to conduct a proper study of social media strategy of this brand.

Asian Paints on Facebook:

A Facebook page which is having near about 90,000 fans and having an active engagement 1,458 people is no doubt very much low. And that too for such a brand which is having a very good scope is quite disappointing. Here the question arises, why the active engagement of people is low for this page? Is the age group of people following this page is a reason behind this? Is the team not making effective efforts to be successful on social media platforms?

a2The following image is clearly showing the lack of interest people towards this brand. Even the response which the post is getting is much below than average.

a3Well the content of the page can be modified for good in order to get a comparatively good response. The content could be considered as the main reason behind the lackluster performance of the brand. The brand is having too much to explore and having such a powerful theme but still they fail to create innovative and interesting content to attract its fans.

It seems like the brand had forgotten the basic K-I-S-S principle of social media participation. While sharing any post or quizzes, they make it so uninteresting and complicated that people fails to understand what the post wants to say. This might be because of the improper language which is used while sharing any post.

Asian Paints on Twitter:

16.6K followers on Twitter page of this brand, well this is not impressive in any case. Well, the content shared on their twitter page is much better and engaging than that of Facebook.


They have also started various contests on their twitter page like that of Father’s day contest. This kind of stuff is completely missing from Facebook. Twitter is also used by the brand to put forward free giveaways to the followers associated with their page. Again this strategy is missing from Facebook. The strategy of giveaways had created a buzz but not that much sufficient.


Expert View:

The social presence of this brand is average. Lack of creativity can be clearly seen in spite of the fact that they have a very good theme which can be used to explore creativity to a large extent. They are just doing the basics, but that is not sufficient to engage the interest of their fans. A little bit effort can really help them in a long run. Well, the page has nothing which shows that they are into home decor also. This is also a major drawback. In short there are many points on which the brand has to improve to make their social media presence more strong and effective.



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