Social Media Strategy Review- Dove


Dove is a widely used brand offering hair care products along with soaps and many other beauty products. The brand is owned by Unilever. To understand Dove India’s Social Media Strategy we have done a 360 degree analysis of its social pages and activity there.

d1Social Media Strategy based on various platforms

Talking about the social media strategy dove is using social media platforms quite well. But there is something very surprising on Dove India’s website, that is their website is connected to their Facebook page only. Why they have not given preference to other social media platforms on their website is still unknown.


The popularity of Facebook fan page of Dove India is growing continuously. The page has crossed the mark of 23,097,780 fans and still the count is increasing with every passing day.

d2The brand’s slogan is “You are more beautiful than you think” and Dove can make you look even prettier by providing you healthy, long, silky and shiny hairs along with soft and smooth glowing skin. The same can be seen on their social media posts. They are making use of their social profiles in an effective manner. More and more women are joining their page, as a result Dove’s reach is increasing among people continuously.

d3The graph can easily explain everything about their increasing popularity and though they are not getting as much followers per day but the number of overall followers is increasing consistently.


Dove not only uses this platform for promoting their products and marketing but also organizes various contests. They are handling their fan page quite well and are regularly updating it. They keep on posting tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy and glowing skin. They can also start a teaser campaign in order to create a buzz among their fans. Nothing could be better than this to increase popularity of brand.

d5 It is always a very fruitful idea to track your reviews as this will help you to know about your flaws and you get a chance to improve them. Dove also keeps an eye on their reviews to know how their products are performing in Indian market.


Dove India’s Twitter has more than 161 followers. This brand is using twitter quite well to launch and run contests.

d6They are not quite active with their tweets on Twitter but still they manage to keep on updating it time to time.

d7YouTube: They do not only upload their television commercials on YouTube but also use their YouTube channel to broadcast expert tips.

Dove’s activities to stay popular: Dove has been launching new campaigns in order to retain their popularity. The brand is investing a good amount of money in television commercials and ads.

They are doing quite well in social media market but they need to improve on few points in order to get maximum benefits. They have to make their postings regular as well as including teaser campaigns can help Dove in becoming the top most Brands.

Expert View: The social media strategy of Dove needs improvement to a great extent. They are just working on the basic stuff which is being tried by every other brand. The brand also has to create campaigns for long term which helps to generate large number of interactions. They must work according to customer’s requirements and should create an efficient content plan based on that. The short term campaigns are not that much effective and even their results are also not long lasting.



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