Top 9 Social Media Websites for Real Estate Agents


Even though real estate essentially involves real, proper conversations and connections between people in the real world, the importance of its presence in the virtual world cannot be ignored. Real estate agents must realise that being active on social media will help their image when it comes to their clients. Ensuring that they are visible to the public, and can interact with them gives a feeling of transparency to their dealings, and also assures the clients of their authenticity and trustworthiness. Hence, presence and activity in social media can certainly help their business.


1. ActiveRain provides a space for real estate agents to interact with each other in the virtual world. One can sign up to the website for free, and then once one is a member, they can browse the profiles of others who share interests. Think of it like a social networking site made especially for real estate agents. It also has an interesting and absolutely wonderful referral programme that helps people meet real estate agents according to their requirements. Allowing them to browse several agents, it allows people to build relationships.

2. FlippingPad is a special area which helps real estate investors find other such investors and build new relationships with them. This website helps outsource work and find new investors for new projects. It also allows people to put their specific experience details on their profiles to allow advanced and integrated searching.

3. Zillow lets real estate professionals interact with each other on a very simple and user-friendly interface.

4. Twitter is a microblogging website that uses hashtags and interesting twitter handles to let people interact with each other. Real estate professionals can use this website to their advantage by interacting with the public freely.

5. Trulia is a lovely website that offers everything real-estate at a click. You can find everything from houses and apartments on sale or rent, market trends, and so much more. It even provides estimate prices for neighbourhoods, and also reviews on residential areas.

6. Meetup offers an excellent space to develop new connections with real estate professionals and agents. It lets you create a useful and intricate network to help you keep track of all your events and schedules to let you work to you best potential.

7. YouTube Like it is for everything else, YouTube provides a space where users can provide their own insights, information, and so much more to viewers. Think of it like a video blog, where you can share what you want in the form of a video clip. YouTube accounts are known to go viral if the content can strike the right chord with the audience. By finding a niche for yourself, you can perform enough work for your real estate job to gain a lot of clients.

8. RealEstateWiki Inspired quite unabashedly from Wikipedia, RealEstateWiki functions like an encyclopedia for real estate nerds. It provides a lot of relevant and helpful information on an extremely large range of topics on real estate, thereby helping novices and experts alike to get their knowledge right.

9. Zolve lets real estate professionals and enthusiasts connect with each other. It uses Google Maps to zero in on people who are near to a user and share his or her interests, and helps them connect with each other.



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