Spotify India Leveraging Social Media Influencers for New Campaign #WorkingWithSpotify.

spotify India

Spotify India has roped in some of the biggest social media influencers from the Indian film industry across the genres to connect with their relevant audiences via hashtag #WorkingWithSpotify. 

Since its launch in India, the music streaming app is running the campaigns that resonate with their audience and trying to put across the fact that that the platform has music for everyone and for every mood.

For example, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh posted a tweet around his gym routine where he stated that he can’t do workouts without music. Ranveer also mentioned the playlist he created on Spotify App ‘Ultimate Gym Sesh’  

In another instance, Mahesh Babu, a leading actor from the South India film industry posted a tweet with the #WorkingWithSpotify. The actor mentioned that ‘Purely Prema’ a romantic playlist on Spotify helps him bring in the mood for the romantic scenes. 

Same way famous cricketer Yuvraj Sing Tweeted “Ground pe jane se pehle.. nervousness toh aaj bhi hoti hi hai. But #WorkingwithSpotify is like finding the calm in the chaos. The Motivation Mix playlist on @SpotifyIndia works like magic everytime.”

There were other influencers also such as Actresses like Parineeti Chopra and Kajal Agarwal who shared their playlists on Twitter. 

The objective of the whole campaign is to engage audiences in sampling Spotify’s playlist and music library. The brand wants people to try their platform and retain them by offering them a playlist with their music. 

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