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Fashion has witnessed tremendous evolution in the past few decades. The emergence of fast fashion, which emphasizes on transient trends and quantity over quality has disrupted the fashion retail industry in ways unknown to consumers. It allows consumers to satiate the urge of flaunting trendy apparels at affordable prices which have been attracting consumers exponentially, however it has an unending list of repercussions like unethical
employment, energy intensive, environmental impact etc. Fast fashion cannot be rooted away, but fashion certainly needs to undergo a transformation to be less detrimental than it currently is.

Clothing has a significant effect on an individuals self-confidence which imparts happiness and a feeling of self-worth. Rigorously changing fashion trends are eroding the personal style and pushing women to dress according to the dictated trends. The race to fit in what is described as fashionable and trendy is inducing a negative behavioral pattern.
Keeping in mind the rise in the number of conscious consumers, who have educated themselves on the concerns associated with fashion such as animal cruelty, unethical production process and the negative impact it has on consumers, such as entirely relying on trends to look and feel good, attaching self-worth with the fleeting fashion scene and suppressing one’s personality
amidst all the chaos is hugely disempowering . METTA CLOTHING attempts to provide a solution to these issues in its own capacity. It offers women apparels that are cruelty-free, made at small scale set-ups in congenial conditions by Indian laborers and offer trans-seasonal styles that are timeless and not tied to a single seasonal trend. Empowering through slow fashion, offering locally made and cruelty-free clothing are the brand’s quintessence.
“ Trends will forever influence one’s style, they, however, are not meant to
replace personal style. ”

METTA CLOTHING is a women clothing label that creates simple and classic styles that are fashionable beyond seasons. we do not offer fashion products that are made from Silk, Fur, Wool, and Leather. Hence, making the customers shopping experience a guilt-free indulgence. We believe that every woman should be able to flaunt clothing that evinces comfort beautifully weaved with her individual style and allow them to choose from simple styles that complement one’s personality. The Floral Summer Collection 2018 comprises of beautiful Midi dresses that would compliment all body types and all age groups. The price point for the dresses is between INR 1999 to INR 2899.

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