StyleCraker: Founder, Funding, And Competitors


About StyleCracker

“Get your personal stylist and be the best version of you”

StyleCracker, first online personal styling portal in India. The StyleCracker Box is stylist curated and is a box of fashion customized for fashion lovers by delivering to your doorsteps. The online fashion store is tailored according to the tastes, body type and budget receiving a box of everything you admire and love.

When? and Who? 

Founded in 2013 by Dhiman Shah and Archana Walavalkar, headquartered in Mumbai, India. StyleCracker comprises a team of experts whose prime motto is to offer online and offline solutions from Branded Content, Personal Styling, to Corporate Workshops.

The interactive online website aims to in embracing the customer’s personal style with the assistance of StyleCracker, helps to deck up the choice of their customers. The team works round the clock to enhance the individual style quotient of the customer.

Archana Walavalkar- From high-profile stylist to fashion entrepreneur

Archana, former Vogue magazine editor, and a high profile stylist styled Bollywood celebrities from Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt to Ranbir Kapoor and many more on the list, also worked as a costume director for Dharma Productions. She is a resident style expert for several popular brands like Garnier, Tanishq, Ponds and Kalyan Jewellers.

How the idea cracked’em?

The company began its journey when Dhimaan Shah came back to India after a profitable career. Dhimaan while working at a vocational training company realized that most of the people aspire to have a different style made him invest in the fashion stream. On the other side, Archana who is a close friend to Dhimaan wants to take the styling to the next level, so the idea cracked her to start the personal styling website using her techniques with entrepreneurial aspirations.

The duo are intensely focused about styling every Indian making as the most robust personalized styling impressions for their customers. Based on the needs of a fashion lover they curated a box of apparel, beauty and accessories and other related items within a specific budget for the customers.

Additional to the boxes, they also developed its fashion IPs including India’s largest fashion festival called The StyleCracker Borough.

Working of StyleCracker

StyleCracker helps you in answering every itsy bitsy detail being it your clothes, hair and makeup and accessories. Since it a personalized stylist helps you in selecting what and where to buy it and how to wear it. With just a simple tap on our ‘Buy Now’ button, can instantly purchase the recommendations stylists put forth.


Besides from regular style, the fashion portal offers the current trending curated for the customers with reasonable price tags. They exclusively invite fashion lovers to StyleCraker events and workshops. Special discounts and deals are also availed to the customers with just a click. To make their shopping zone more interesting, the team helps you with the solutions on styling and more in their blog. Refund is also provided for the people who do not like the left out things in the StyleCracker box.


StyleCracker raised a total sum of $1M with 2 investors. The company’s annual revenue is around $2.1M.

Bollywood actress and style icon Alia Bhatt invested in the startup company and bought a stake in the platform. Her interest in the fashion and the idea enticed her in investing in the fashion, and another investor Malav Shah also invested in the company.


20Dresses, Voonik, Styistpick, LimeRoad, are the lead competitors to StyleCrackers.

The company claims to have 100 percent growth in the fashion market remaining as a tough competitor to many online fashion stores in India. There are several subscription-based services like Snobbox, Fab Bag, Lady Raga to name a few. StyleCracker boxes are priced at Rs 2,999 to Rs 6,999 shipped over 50,000 boxes across 35 cities.

Cracker snippet

Fashion is the prime factor people invest in to look and feel good and be the best version of themselves. The team believes in the formula;



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