Sumit Jain : A small town boy with big dreams

Sumit Jain

Sumit Jain is quintessential modern young Indian entrepreneur who started online real estate portal CommonFloor in 2007 and later launched a social voice conversation app “Opentalk” in 2018. Along with his team at Commonfloor, Jain has overhauled and radically changed the real estate market in India.

Sumit Jain Education and Early Life

Sumit grew up in a little town named Khatauli in Uttar Pradesh and his father had a shop where he sold building products. Sumit graduated as a computer engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in 2006. After working some days at Oracle he decided to start his own business and in 2007 this is when he started with his oracle colleagues Lalit Mangal and Vikas Malpani.

Sumit Jain Role in Commonfloor

Other than conceptualizing and executing the idea behind, building the business from scratch, raising funds, managing cash flow and diversifying into real estate listings, Sumit also played a crucial role in handling client engagement and identifying new sources of revenue.

Enthusiastic and energetic, Sumit believes that his zeal and passion for keeps people working with him highly motivated. He is a strong believer in leadership that motivates and inspires people to perform and advocates that being disciplined and completely focused during working hours helps to maintain a good work-life balance. Sumit respects that people need enough time and space to work.

As the Co-Founder and CEO, Sumit is responsible for driving the strategic direction for as well as delivering on company goals. He is focused on providing users with a hassle-free property search experience. His dream is to ensure that, eventually every property seekers is comfortable with buying or selling property online.

Resignation from CommonFloor and new startup

Sumit Jain quit Commonfloor in early 2017, a year after its merger with Quikr and started his new startup Opentalk, a voice-based social platform that connects people over their topics of interest.

Opentalk is a voice-based social platform that connects people over their topics of interest. It allows people to have conversations with another user from across the globe. It also offers peer-to-peer learning connections for students, alumni groups and professional networks. The platform vision is to unlock the world’s latent knowledge through voice conversations. Through Opentalk, Sumit, who is the CEO of the platform, wants to create a platform that will allow people, professionals, experts or public figures catering to one’s emotional, functional, and aspirational need. The app has 400,000 downloads across 50 countries in the last eight months.

Awards won and Achievements by Sumit Jain

  1. Younger Achiever of the Year 2015′ by National Awards for Excellence in Real Estate & Infrastructure
  2. Business World Hottest Young Entrepreneurs
  3. Listed in Power Profiles in India for the year of 2015.
  4. Featured in Fortune 40 Under 40



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