TikTok Testing Adding Links To Bio


TikTok’s plan towards monetizing their platform continues to grow with their new test that will allow users to add links to their bio and add eCommerce links directly into the video they are uploading.

TikTok has also confirmed recently that they indeed are testing this feature, but they haven’t set a date for the final rollout to all the people on their platform. This new feature should help all the creators on the platform as one limiting factor all this time has been the lack of ability to add a link on a post, which should help users to drive referral traffic from TikTok, just like Instagram.

The same happened to the popular platform, Vine, that also lacked the ability to add any monetization method on their platform, while the influencer went on to become popular with the help of platform outside of vine, like YouTube, Instagram etc. Vine had the talent of becoming the most popular social media platform but had a bad business model.


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