TikTok Uses GIPHY Integration To Import Animated Stickers 

TikTok integrates GIPHY to import stickers

TikTok is a striking hit with the social media users at present, which always keep its followers on toes with its updates. The number 1 entertaining app for creating and short lip-sync videos now import animated stickers by integrating with GIPHY. 

To GIPHY this is not the first time it integrated with this app earlier it got collab for GIFs into Twitch, Snapchat, Instagram, Slack, and other major apps.

Now, the video-sharing app integrates with GIPHY to import animated stickers and export TikTok memes.

Creators now can add a sticker to a post and can search on #getGiphy to get more gifs. The popular stickers get highlighted automatically. The most popular ones will be found by searching on #TikTok in the Giphy library search bar.

Unless it’s a verified channel, GIPHY will not stack the popular memes of users, but still, its users can create and upload their stickers to the platform.

The team explains that TikTok worked with the creators and the GIPHY Studios team to make popular memes into GIFs tart.

TikTok spokesperson adds, “To create this content, we invited a group of creative, funny, and diverse creators, @DreaKnowBest, @Gabe, @BenoftheWeek who are excited to immortalize TikTok memes in GIF form.”


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